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Nathan M
10/26/07 11:12 AM  
Lambics: Wheat Malt vs. Flaked Wheat
I'm planning on brewing my first lambic this weekend, and I know that lambics call for ~40% unmalted wheat. I'm planning on using flaked wheat for this, but am not sure that the local homebrew shop will have any.

Has anyone brewed a lambic using wheat malt? Is this an adequate substitute? If not, is there an appropriate substitute for unmalted wheat if flaked wheat is not available?

Thanks in advance!

10/26/07 11:38 AM  
Re: Lambics: Wheat Malt vs. Flaked Wheat
If they don't have flaked wheat, I'd go with anything flaked besides maize.

You could look at a 'health food' store, they sometimes have it.

If you live out in BFE you could contact the local elevator and see if they would sell you a single bushel. You would likely have to bring your own container. It is currently selling at $8.05(4) a bushel according to CBOT. (this is what I would do, if I weren't a wheat researcher and had access to all the wheat I want)

As far as the malted wheat, it would be fine, you just wouldnt have as many complex starches and the proteins would be modified compared to the unmalted stuff. If thats all you can get then thats what I would do.

10/26/07 01:33 PM  
Re: Lambics: Wheat Malt vs. Flaked Wheat
I'd head to the natural food store and look for raw wheat. It might be a bitch to mill but you're going to get the complex protein chains you need to do a 'real' lambic. The chains give the critters something to eat on during that rather lengthy lambic fermentation process. Wheat malt on the other hand doesn't as most of the chains get chopped up by the enzymes in the malt... Of course a lot of that depends on mashing temp as well... Think like a peasant brewer would have 400 years ago and spend as little as possible on raw material...


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