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10/28/07 02:45 PM  
Candi Syrup made from failed ale
Today, just of curiosity, I decided to boil down a bottle of a maple-wine porter that I've had sitting around since last year. I made this beer with 8 lbs of maple syrup, and 4 or 5 lbs of dry malt. It never fermented fully and the residual sweetness, along with a tad too much smoked malt, made this beer rather unpleasant to drink. I've been sitting on the two cases for this whole time and have used a bit in cooking but for the most part have been trying figure something I could use this beer for. So, here I am today, tasting some candi sugar syrup the I boiled down from one of these beers, and it's actually quite good. It's a black-ish garnet/amber colored syrup that has a nice matly tasting sweetness, with some bitter/burnt notes from the boil down and also the roasted malts/hops. I was thinking maybe I should just boil down a case or so of this, and then reuse it for dark candi syrup in future beers. Has anybody tried something like this before? Are there any reasons why this might not be a good idea to try? I figure with all this sugar talk that this an interesting experiment to try....it may be a great way to recycle unwanted beer....
10/28/07 07:16 PM  
Re: Candi Syrup made from failed ale
cool idea

do you have any idea what the relative level of fermentability is? Given that this is syrupy but probably loaded with stuff other than sugar, it would be interested to know what the effect on body would be relative to say a similar viscosity sugar syrup.

10/28/07 07:34 PM  
Re: Candi Syrup made from failed ale
yes I'm curious about that myself...I was thinking I could just make a small 1 gallon batch with dry yeast & a lb. or two and see how much it ferments out...as you said there's a bunch of other stuff in it, including unfermentable sugars left over from the DME, but I believe because over the under attenuation there should still be good level of fermentables left...I'm reducing a bunch now so I hope to try this over the next week. In actually really liked how the test batch tasted so I'm excited to try it....
10/29/07 03:58 PM  
Re: Candi Syrup made from failed ale
Interesting idea. Looking forward to hearing about the results. If nothing else it might be nice on pancakes or ice cream. I don't know what I'll be doing with my apple syrup, but I figure before its all gone I'll have had some of it for breakfast and dessert!
10/29/07 08:12 PM  
Re: Candi Syrup made from failed ale
Indeed...I plan on making a bunch of pancakes and using some of it. I used 8 oz. today in a dark saison and boiled down the rest of the beer.....1.5 cases down to about 3.5-4 lbs. of syrup. Actually got to taste one of these beers as maybe it should have tasted-one of the last bottles I opened to add to the boil opened with a nice fizz...I guess it got slightly contaminated (maybe a bottle I previously had a brett beer in that did not get fully cleaned) and it actually got carbonated (the rest were not). It was actually not too bad, still way too sweet but drier than it was.....anyway....i still plan on making a small 1L batch with a lb. of syrup to see how well it ferments...
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