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11/02/07 06:22 PM  
boiling in a keg
Not strictly a Belgian related Q. but I'm wondering if any of you have experience using a keg for a boiling pot. I just got one for free but haven't cut the top open.

My more specific question is this: should I bother having a ball valve welded into it or will my life be just as easy siphoning the cooled wort out of the tank?

11/02/07 09:06 PM  
Re: boiling in a keg
My friend uses a modified keg, I believe he just siphons.
Happy Feet
11/02/07 10:48 PM  
Re: boiling in a keg
I have made two modified kegs with handles, spigots and stainless steel ball valves. The valves are the most expensive part of the project. I found the 4-inch (spigot) and 6-inch stainless steel pipe and T section at an industrial pipe supplier. I had two 6-inch SS pipes welded to close off one end I then made a series of groves with a hacksaw to make a draining device for the inside of the kettle. This is attached by the SS T section. I purchase some scrap SS and had the welding shop make two handles as well. For my boiler, I used another piece of keg and extended the length of the kettle so it would hold 12 to 14 gallons for the beginning of the boil. This is the heart of my brewery. I have used them continuously for the past 10 years without a problem. I now use the smaller (no extension) for my fermenter. I boil my sparge water in it to sanitize, and then use it later as a clean fermentation vessel, works great! WARNING!! Welding shops will not touch in service kegs, as they are not your property!! I found damaged kegs (no cost) from breweries that were happy to give them away. Make sure you keg is legal and out of service!! If someone in the group can tell me how to post pictures, I will. Total cost ten years ago: $100 for each keg.
11/03/07 07:36 AM  
Re: boiling in a keg
Hey Happy Feet

thanks. I actually procured this keg from a local Bar that had had it sitting in their basement for over a year. The owner said that he had tried, to no avail, to locate the distributor and that he had no idea who it belonged to. Must have been from a previous owner. At any rate, I have it now an dit was free so I'm wondering how best to proceed.

The SS tube sounds like a pick up?

You can post pictures by dropping them on an outside website and then posting a link without the HTEETEEPEE Colon etc...

Happy Feet
11/03/07 11:06 AM  
Re: boiling in a keg
The T drain is at the bottom of the keg. I had one of the 6 inch pipe welded into place, it has 3 inches outside and three in. The T is in the inside with the other two 6 inch pipes with the ends closed off and groves cut into them. The whole drain sits about 2 inches off the botom of the keg. It acts as a hop back at the end of the boil and after its cooled. I get a nice clean run off with all the trub held back by the leaf hops. I'll see what I can do about the pictures.
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