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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Al B
11/06/07 09:58 PM  
An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Its been 3 months after adding them to 2 different reds, I thought I would culture up whats growing....

Lactobacilli + one dominant Brett. Gone are the weird oxidative yeasts I originally found. There may be some Pedio, but I didn't culture anaerobically. Also, I only sampled from the top of the brew, so there may be other bugs I missed. Never-the-less, it smells and tastes utterly insane.

Reculturing into new wood chips would not be worthwhile. No doubt, mixed populations do dramatically shift over the course.

11/06/07 10:57 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
<<Reculturing into new wood chips would not be worthwhile. No doubt, mixed populations do dramatically shift over the course.>>

What would be the best way Al B?

Mike T and I are using some of these chips that he has in a brew together, but I'd like to get the bugs for myself from his stash.

Al B
11/07/07 07:40 AM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Tough to say, expect some variability, although the best possibility is using a starter on fresh chips for perhaps a week or so, then refrigerate until ready for use.

I may try my own version of wood cubes. I have an arsenal of bugs......Fantome brett, Jolly Pumpkin brett, RR brett, WL bretts, WY bretts, Fantome lactobacilli, RR lactobacilli....just need some Pedio.

11/07/07 08:27 AM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips

Did you form a pellicle and if so when and has it fallen?

My bugs have been in there now for 6 weeks and I still don't have a pellicle, though there is positive pressure on the airlock and some very small islands of foam on the surface.

Mike T
11/07/07 08:32 AM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
My starter has been going about a week, I'll divert some off into a small jar and add some fresh oak. Should I stick it right in the fridge or give it a few days at room temp first?

It took a few days to see activity, but I think the main fermentation is about done. No sign of a pellicle forming yet, but I imagine that Iíll start seeing the funk take over shortly.

Al B
11/07/07 09:32 AM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
There were some white, opaque pellicle "islands" w/ a whitish film over the 2 brews. I don't recall when it started, about 2 months perhaps. The one with the cherries is heavier due to the extra sugars I suspect. The other red has some brownish yeast slurry popping up via CO2 bubbles.

I think a good thing to do is to use chips or cubes with alot of grooves or holes drilled in to facilitate harboring the critters. Probably leave the wood in for a few days at RT before chilling them.

11/07/07 10:12 AM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
"it smells and tastes utterly insane"

Do you mean this as a good or bad thing???????????/

Al B
11/08/07 07:51 AM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Good thang.

Quite fruity-musty-funky.

Al B
08/04/08 01:37 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Wow, its been about a year now. The one brew I added Vinnie's bug chips started off very Oud brune-like (1lb/gal of Cara-munich), oaky and sweetish. Bugs now have increased acidity, color no longer brown but more of a red. Complex. Still some pellicle islands. Promising. I think another 6 months may be the route I take.

08/04/08 01:57 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
I tossed my starter about a month ago because it developed too much acetic acid over six months.

I still prefer the roeselare blend.

Mike T
08/04/08 02:07 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Just posted the first tasting (http://madfermentationist.blogspot.com/2008/07/temptation-clone-first-tasting.html ) of the clone Seth (SAH) and I brewed last November. The Brett aroma is out of this world good (complex, fruity, very low ďfunkĒ), but it didnít develop the acidity Iíd hoped for. No specialty malt and a moderate mash temp meant that it got too dry before the bacteria had a chance to do their thing (Finished out around 1.002, but doesnít taste that dry).

The Cable Car clone I did with them was pretty bland after 7 months in secondary, so I added some recultured dregs from a bottle of Red Poppy. I might feed it a few ounces of DME to give the bugs something else to work on.

mark mott
08/04/08 02:29 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
I had a buddy send me a care package with some RR chips and just piched them into a lambic like brew I did. I am excited to see how it turns out.

Did you all leave the chips in or rack off of them at any point, and would there be a good reason to do so. I was thinking that it might be a good way to reuse the chips sooner but didn't know if it was worth the trouble.

Also how much did you pitch, my friend sent me a few handfuls, basically the bottom 1/3 of a zip lock.

I used half of that in the beer and kept the other half for later. I guess the down side is it may take longer for the bugs to get established?

Al B
08/04/08 02:40 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Mine is a bit sour, slightly acetic. Awhile ago it was REALLY acetic. Topped off some CO2 and water in the airlock just in case Acetobacter was lurking. Seems softer, Hoping that some more esters build up.

<< still prefer the roeselare blend>>

Cisco, you may be interested in my newest project....heh, heh.

08/04/08 03:35 PM  
Re: An update on Vinnie's bug chips
Excited to hear how these turn out. I'd picked up two baggies at NHC last year, and gave one to a friend. I sat on mine for a year and just pitched them into some starter a couple weeks ago. Had activity in a couple days. Just looked at it last night, looked like it could be getting a bit "sick" (snotty). Can't wait to pitch it in something.
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