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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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04/30/09 09:52 PM  
Re: Inoculated wood cubes for sour brews
Mine had a pretty intense pellicle for a long time too. Racked onto a bunch of whole raspberries in November, and now sitting secondary. Funky and fruity.... I plan on bottling as soon as I have the time.
05/01/09 02:47 AM  
Re: Inoculated wood cubes for sour brews
So what is the point of a "dropping pellicle," exactly?

I seem to have beers that keep the layer for three-plus years, and have never expected it to "drop."

Can someone 'splain to my why such an occurrence would be a good thing?

05/01/09 10:53 AM  
Re: Inoculated wood cubes for sour brews
I've read about "pellicle drop" and supposedly it means the wild yeasts are done eating, but like you said I myself have never experienced, and have bottled before the dissapearance of the pellicle always making sure the gravity was stable over several months.... no problems yet.
05/01/09 11:15 AM  
Re: Inoculated wood cubes for sour brews
Indeed, the "dropping pellicle" is supposed to be a sign that things are done... or so lots of internet writings seem to imply. Mine looked like it could support an ecosystem on top of it and wasn't going anywhere after a year and two months in place. Both of my bugfarm buckets developed the same pellicle, so there is definitely some consistency happening.

Now to let the racked beer settle and hopefully syphon it off all the berry seeds that came through the first racking. Then to bottle it, I guess. Lambic doesn't seem something best served from a keg.

Next project: wake up Bugfarm2 and get it to work now that the biohazard buckets are freed up again.

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