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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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11/13/07 12:59 PM  
Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Man, last year the hosting club posted here to attract entries, 10 of the 12 places awarded were people who visit here at least time to time. This year the competition came and went, nobody posted anything - no heads up like before. That sucks, I had a few brews to enter. The competition was 10 days ago, no familiar names in the winners circle. Disappointing.
11/13/07 10:04 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Maybe they got tired of BBB guys winning :-)
11/14/07 06:42 AM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
They could have made a big dent in that by mysteriously loosing Ciscos entries!
Stefan Berggre MHTG - Franco/Belgian Sponsors
11/18/07 08:24 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Sorry bout not posting, I was traveling in Brussels for work prior. And two kids were occupying my attention as well. We usually have the event every November (check here for next year www.mhtg.org Or email stefan_berggren@trekbikes.com


Here are the results

The MHTG Competition Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 Franco-Belgian Challenge Cup!

Flight 1

1st Place Tony Jacques & Jurgen Doreleijers-16B Belgian Pale Ale

2nd Place Stefan Berggren 16C-Saison Du Maison

3rd Place-Jason Van Pee-16B Belgian Pale Ale

Flight 2

1st Place-Tony Jacques- 16E Belgian Specialty, La Chouffe Houblon Clone

2nd Place-Peter Gentry- 18E Crooked Arm Belgian Strong

3rd Place-Jason Van Pee- 18B Belgian Dubbel

Flight 3

Nathan Kanous-18D Golden Strong, Golden Moon

Charley Krieger 17B, Flanders Red

Eric Schoville/Stefan Berggren, 18C Tripel, Trippel Magnus

Best of Show-Stefan Berggren 16C Saison Du Maison

11/19/07 11:44 AM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Wow, a good showing for Messrs. Van Pee and Berggren in particular - congrats. Are there some non-American entries in there this year or just a lot of European-sounding names occurring in Wisconsin?

I too, was looking forward to this and am disappointed we missed it. Last year's feedback was very helpful to me.

Well, looks like we need to find another competition in these styles - anyone know of one? I have some abbey and saison-type stuff that is in desperate need of an objective opinion!

11/19/07 12:31 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!

We do some swaps here on the BBB from time to time and I think they are an excellent source of feedback. From personal experience I can state that Cisco and Steve have a pretty good nose for these brews.......Except when it comes to EKG hops!!!!! :-)

And to be totally honest, I used to think that feed back from competitions would help me brew better beer but I've found out that is not always the case (getting good feed back from competitions that is).

If you know some folks with very good tasting skills, I'd send your brews to them for feed back.

I'd rather have people judging my beer who drink them regularly and who love these brews. With contests, you never know who is judging your brew but it's fun to see how you placed, I understand.

No offense to judges 'cause I know two high ranking judges that I call friends. However, they are not always judging my brews so I'd rather just let people I know and trust give me feedback. (I met a judge at the NHC this year that was judging Belgians and he seemed confused when I was speaking to him about Saisons) An example of who I let judge my brews is my friend Linda. She is a Kraft foods engineer/taster, her palate is unbelievable and she loves Belgian type brews. I'm always throwing something at her but I don't let her know if it's mine or a commercial product.

By the way, to keep the tasting "blind", package your brew and put a label on it that would fool one of your casual judges into thinking it's a commercial beer and watch how they react to it thinking it's not your brew. Very interesting. Very cool :-) You can also do a triangle taste test with friends. That's interesting too.


11/19/07 12:39 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Well, to call a spade a spade the truth is I never send beer out to comps for feedback. If I was not happy with a beer I would not send it, and if I was happy I would not change it to make a judge happier. If a friendly beating is what you really want I'd have to agree with Ross, swaps are far more useful. I've picked up way more tips in the chat room than I ever have from score sheets. And sometimes those tips don't actually pertain to your beer, you can taste something in someone elses, talk about it and a lightbulb goes off.

My reasons for sending out beers is either to show support for an event (I know how much work they are and how bad it sucks to have minimal turn out) or to see how a beer I'm proud of will stack up. Though I did have this crazy idea for beer classification that the BABBLE judges (the IL club) saw right through so that brought me down to Earth. That actually helped in terms of feedback. The exception though.

11/19/07 12:47 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Well I was planning on NOT entering this year so that others would have a better chance at winning. 8^)

I rarely enter contests because of the many reasons that Ross stated above. Getting feedback from the folks you know and highly value their experience in particular styles is way more valuable than the feedback from a competition.

Stefan Berggren
11/19/07 08:47 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
We had fewer entries this year than last. Please lets spread the word for next year as we are getting some great prizes ! We are really tring to grow the competition to become the Dixie cup of Belgian Style beers.

If anyone wants to send a beer for evaluation, I am more than happy to give a professional review. I brew primarily Belgians, I am a BJCP judge, and travel regularly to Brussels for work (meaning I have tried many an ale). My specialties are primarily Saisons, Tripels, and Strong Ales. But have extensive tasting and notes on Lambics, Gueuze. Has anyone tried the De Cam gueuze? If you get a chance, you must. He is a grad student working with Armand at Drie Fontijnen. I had some of his works at Bier Circus in October that were outsite!

Enter and enter with gusto for next years competition !

11/19/07 10:21 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
<<>>Though I did have this crazy idea for beer classification that the BABBLE judges (the IL club) saw right through so that brought me down to Earth. That actually helped in terms of feedback. The exception though.<<>>

Some judges are better than others. When I judge, I try to give feedback that is hopefully encouraging and useful. For our competition (BABBLE), we do try to get the best available judges. Even so, the level of feedback is not always were it should be.

BTW, we will be having our competition again in February. Since it is a leap year, once agin we will use the Leap-Beer name.

Ross, I met Linda last year. She judges our event. We ahd very positive feedback on her from the more experience judges she worked with. At the time she was studying for the BJCP exam. I know you are local. Perhaps you could help volunteer at our event.


11/20/07 09:12 AM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Hey Witsok

The Linda you met wasn't my Linda as she does not judge events.

I'd be happy to volunteer though if I can be of any help.

11/20/07 10:46 AM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
I could have swore that the lady I met worked for Kraft, but I'm probably confused. I know she was from the Indianapolis area. Oh well.

I'll start a new thread for the Leap Beer Brew Off as we get closer to the event.

11/20/07 11:01 AM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
We are in the Chicagoland area..
11/20/07 12:21 PM  
Re: Franco-Belgian Cup - I don't believe it!!
Yes, I knew you were in Chicago.
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