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11/14/07 03:45 PM  
Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
This past weekend I brewed a batch using the Wyeast turbid mash schedule outlined in Wild Brews, and then pitched the Wyeast Lambic Blend 3278.

After 3 days there is no real sign of any activity.

Is there any chance that this is possibly normal behavior for a "wild" yeast, or the Wyeast Lambic Blend in particular? Would it take a few days or more to really get started?

Or do I just have dead yeast on my hands :(

11/14/07 04:14 PM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
Assuming that Wyeast does not include any saccharomyces strains in this blend, it could possibly be normal behaviour. I think many people who use these domesticated lambic strains do so in combination with a pure saccharomyces strain of some kind.

My advice would be to check back in a couple of weeks or months. I'd be willing to bet that it's fine, though.

I tried using that blend on it own once, in a beer that is now two-years old; it is not the most interesting tasting beer (I doubt, for example, that any pediococcus grew out of it). It just has sort of the pleasant brett character you get from pitching single domesticated brett strain -- it is a bit of a yawner.

11/14/07 04:14 PM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
Hey Nathan

Did you make a starter? The different accounts I've read include stories of starterless ferments that took over two months to get rolling.

these are not your normal yeasts dude.


Mike T
11/14/07 04:14 PM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
I believe it took 3.5 days for my first lambic (which used the Wyeast mash from Wild Brews) to take off after pitching just a pack of Wyeast lambic blend. I wasnít too worried because I read that ďrealĒ Lambics can take a few days to start fermenting. Not sure how the delayed start to fermentation will affect the flavor, mine has been aging for about 15 months now, but I havenít given it a taste in almost a year.

I assume that the packs of blended yeast/bacteria simply contain a lower count of regular yeast than a standard pack because of all the other microbes in there. You should probably get a backup pack of dry yeast if you donít have one just in case you donít start seeing activity soon.

11/14/07 07:09 PM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
Nathan - My first (tamed) wild brew was fermented with the WY L Blend. It DOES contain sacch, a belgian wheat strain, plus a bit of sherry yeast among the other bugs. From what I remember mine kicked right off, even with inadequate aeration...you might just want to take off the lid or stopper and aerate a bit more.....what temp are you fermenting at?

I actually emailed WY before brewing this beer, and I was told by the lab tech that it is meant to be used in the primary, and to even let it sit in the primary for around 2 months. After that he recommended 6 months to years for secondary. You don't have to worry about autolyzed yeast because the bretts will feed on that down the road after other nutrients get gobbled up. By the way, although I was sketchy about results at first, this beer just took second and third (as a flanders red and fruit lambic) consecutively at the Best Of Philly and Suburbs (HOPS BOPS) competition last week, so stick with the brew!

11/15/07 10:09 AM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
<<After that he recommended 6 months to years for secondary.>>

BPotts, I guess you can't argue with good results, but I thought you were not supposed to rack pLambics into a secondary vessel for the purpose of(as you say) feeding off the yeast/sediment/etc. in the bottom of the primary?

Also, how old were your beers that won?

11/15/07 06:49 PM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
I guess it is sorta contradictory, but you can always make sure to suck some sediment over....

They were both the same beer entered in two different categories (Fl. Red and Fruit Lambic)...It was 10 months old when bottled, and now it's over a year old in total.....a one Sean White (perhaps the one who frequents this board??) scored it a 44! The best scoring beer I've ever had in a comp....the beer that beat that musta been damn good!

11/15/07 07:12 PM  
Re: Slow-Responding Wyeast Lambic Blend
You know i guess maybe the techy told me that becuase he doesn't know how long any given brewer is actually going to decide to age in secondary....if not long than there's less sediment...
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