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11/14/07 05:36 PM  
white labs BrettC slow to start
I'm trying to get a BrettC starter going. Its been about 10 days on the stir plate and no major signs of it going off.

2 tubes were pitched into 1000mL of wort. 1 was fresh and 1 was near expiration.

typical experience?


Al B
11/14/07 06:53 PM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
Yes, very typical from the vial - especially near the Exp date. BC has a long lag phase plus the population is much lower than their regular Saccharomyces vials. It may take 2-4 weeks.

Interestingly, once it gets going .....it really gets going.

11/14/07 07:53 PM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
Very interesting since my prior experience with brettLamb and brettBrux were off to a quick start in a matter of days (but from Wyeast varieties) last fall.

Is there a cell count difference betw Wyeast and WL for bugs in a vial/pouch? anyone counted?

I guess you would recommend no feedings until they start to consume sugars? Also, when should I stop aeration or should I just leave it going via stir plate until they take off?

Brian Richards
11/14/07 10:36 PM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
That was my experience with the B. Claussenii as well. I pitched one vial into a 750mL starter and it took a few weeks before I noticed anything going on. My beer turned out great though. I would like to get something going with that strain again for sure.
Al B
11/15/07 07:16 AM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
I would stop aeration after growth has appeared for 48hrs. After that you can start feeding.
11/15/07 10:20 AM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
From previous conversations with Al it also sounds like using glucose-rich media might help.

Also, Al says "once it gets going it really gets going." So the question is how to get it going in the first place. I've found it grows really fast on agar plates--a few days after streaking directly from the vial I have many colonies. Maybe that's a good first step to take even if you have a whole vial of cells at your disposal?

After that, it sounds like Al has had success transferring to continuously aerated and glucose-rich media (where I've had the same long lag times as others, transferring to unaerated wort).

In the next week I'll try Al's approach and report back how it works for a lowly non-microbiologist like me.

11/26/07 05:58 PM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
Still nothing at about 3-4 weeks.

All settled out. No drop in gravity. I'm not sure if the temperature requirements for BrettC are tight and it has a hard time with cool temperatures since my stir plate room drops to about 50-60 at night. Or if it just isn't liking sole fermentor status in my dry wheat blend starter wort.

I'll let it sit some more but I'm going with the WY lambic blend with not much time left to get a sstarter going.

Al B
11/27/07 08:14 AM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
petecz -

1. Decant off the large volume of wort leaving the sediment.

2. Add fresh wort ~1040 with yeast nutrients (WY or WL servomyces - something that has zinc in it). Add about 100ml of wort (smaller volume) and aerate VIGOROUSLY. Substituting corn sugar for half of the DME can help, but adding yeast nutrients will be important. Temperature at 50-60 will be slower for growth, of course. Good luck.

11/27/07 11:06 AM  
Re: white labs BrettC slow to start
The top of your refrigerator may be a warmer spot where you can put the stir plate.
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