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11/15/07 09:11 AM  
Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Anybody else finally being effected by this hop shortage? When I asked my LHB store a few weeks ago whether they heard anything about the shortage effecting us they had no idea. Two days ago I went in and their new restriction is one oz of hops per pound of dme or 2 lbs. of grain. They said they wont be receiving any new hop shipments for a month or two at least. It's good thing I built up a surplus in the coming weeks! I just bought 4 more lbs. of various organic hops from Seven bridges, while I still could. Anyone else prepping for the hit? Any body seeing the effects at their LBH? By the way, premium hop plugs were previously always 4.95 per 2 oz , now they're 8.95!
11/15/07 09:24 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
I needed to get some extra hops for the mild sugar swap. The recipe calls for 1.25 oz Fuggles, I had one. I noticed when looking for hops on line that the pickins were looking kinda slim. So, like you, I decided to stock up a bit.
11/15/07 09:26 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Maybe you should have picked the rest of those homegrown cascades after all! Those would be a commodity at this point.
John A
11/15/07 09:37 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
I stocked up about six weeks ago when I first heard about the shortage. I picked up 8 lbs of 06 pellets and leaf from a few different on-line retailers. I warned my local and he laughed it off. I went in a couple weeks ago and I noticed his hop chest was getting empty. I asked him if he was concerned and he said it was empty because he had not gotten around to placing an order. He told me to not believe everything I read on the internet, OK. I said fine and asked him if he would sell me a pound of fuggle pellets and he did for ten bucks. One week later he got his order. He told me that there is a hop shortage and he only got in 5% of his hop order. He raised his prices to three dollars per ounce and has only four or five different hops in stock.
Al B
11/15/07 09:44 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
It seems most online places mostly out, unavailable, or discontinued. Big time.
11/15/07 09:53 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Hah, yeah I scored a lb. of Styrian Goldings for 12 bucks right before their policy change. Apparently commercial breweries haven't been able to get them for awhile. I have a few pounds already myself but I'm glad I just bought a bunch more! seven bridges still seems to have a good selection and quantities, but the already-kind-of-expensive prices have been raised a bit (a null factor at this point as far as I'm concerned.) I'm assuming that wont be for long, though. I was actually lucky enough to score 4 oz. of some NZ Nelson Sauvins from my LBH, thought they would have been gone a long time ago....
Jim K
11/15/07 10:08 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Yes B, my LHBS has a similar policy. Yours is not HSH in Philly is it? Anyway, I was able to order some quantities online from Williams but they are getting low, out of many varieties and have some restrictions. This is downright scary.
Al B
11/15/07 10:29 AM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
From the sounds of it via HopUnion + Freshops - get used to it........the forcast for 2008-2010 will be in short supply + expensive.

Looks like lambics + gruits will be in full swing.

Dave I
11/15/07 12:41 PM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
"Looks like lambics + gruits will be in full swing."

Or even Tripels and Quadrupels for that matter. Most of the time you can get away with a minimal amount of clean bittering hops for those. Unless there ends up being a yeast shortage. At this point, with hops and some grain becoming scarce or expensive, yeast is about the ONLY thing not in short supply for brewing. In some places, that includes water.

But you are right. There really seems like no better time to start brewing wild brews.


Al B
11/15/07 01:26 PM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Freshops also added a websight source for herbs for bitterness as a substitute (its gotta be bad if that happens).
Dave I
11/15/07 01:36 PM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
What impact will this have (if any) on the availability of hop rhizomes? I understand it will take a couple years or so for them to bare fruit (relatively speaking), but if I can get my hands on some this spring it might help curb my dependence on the LHBS for finishing hops if I grow a few favorites.


11/15/07 05:17 PM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Cheese and Slices!!! What's BudMillerCoors gonna do? More chemicals??
Dave I
11/15/07 05:25 PM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
<<Cheese and Slices!!! What's BudMillerCoors gonna do? More chemicals??>>

Probably just continue to do what they always do and use the minuscule amount of hops they always do and make a nice clean & flavorless product with adjuncts and marketing about how it is "cold filtered" with a "born on date" and other such nonsense.

And I will continue to do what what I always do and not drink it.


11/15/07 06:41 PM  
Re: Hop shortage hits homebrewers....
Well those guys have their hops contracted out, probably for the next 15 years at least. They're guaranteed their hops while everyone after that is left to clean up the scraps. At Dockstreet we haven't been able to order anything for awhile, it's all gone for brewpubs/micros.....if they don't have any saved up or people to trade with, they're stuck. As Al said...soon it'll be time to make a Heavyweight Gruit Clone.....

Jim- I go to Keystone in montgomeryville. Although it's gonna be rough, it seems like homebrewers are getting the better end of the stick (I guess they set aside so much for homebrew stores?) Whereas we can't get any at dockstreet, I can still get them from Keystone (albeit limited) and they said they'll be getting another shipment in a few months or something. That's better than the zilch that microbreweries and brewpubs will be finding.

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