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11/18/07 01:50 PM  
will the pellicle ever drop?
I've made my first attempt at a lambic.

40% wheat 60% pils all grain fermentet with a saf 04 and then a whitelabs sour blend in a plastic bucket. At first it had a thin pellicle that looked almost like a spider web, but then i got impatient and racked off a liter. It tasted pretty good after carbenating it, not very sour though. That seemed to stir up the pellicle because now it's much thicker. The beer has been in the bucket for about six months all together.

Will the pellicle ever drop?

Must it drop?

Can i rack off under the pellicle and keg?

Mike T
11/18/07 03:38 PM  
Re: will the pellicle ever drop?
Lambics can take a long time, my first batch is going on 18 months and last I checked still had a chunky pellicle. I am not planning on bottling/blending/fruit-ing it until next summer (2 years total).

If yours isn't sour enough and there is still a pellicle it means that the microbes are still doing their thing, let them.

If the beer gets to your liking then I don't see a problem kegging, but there is no reason to rush it.

11/18/07 08:13 PM  
Re: will the pellicle ever drop?
Wait till the first cold snap, things will start to change, that has been my experience.

becareful of how long you let it sit in a bucket...oxidation is greater than you think....

11/19/07 07:31 AM  
Re: will the pellicle ever drop?
Thanks for the input. I think i'll keg it at wait then.
11/19/07 12:27 PM  
Re: will the pellicle ever drop?
... keg AND wait then
Stefan Berggren
11/19/07 08:38 PM  
Re: will the pellicle ever drop?
I would let the pellicle drop in the carboy or bucket and then keg. Its natures way of saying hey its time to keg or bottle. My .02
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