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Sean White
11/20/07 09:06 AM  
WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Hey , has anybody else used this yet? I was very excited to use it because they say it will attenuate more fully and more quickly than WLP 565.

I didn't find that to be the case. In fact, my beer, although the yeast profile was great, only reached a terminal gravity of 1.015 form 1.054. It totally stopped, it was not just slow.

When I added some krausening wort with Wyeast 3522 - Ardennes yeast it took off again, so I know it wasn't the wort that was the problem.

11/20/07 11:08 AM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
It figures. That's supposedly a blend of 565 and two other yeasts. I know this sounds harsh but I cannot stand that WLP565 yeast. It almost never attenuates properly. As much as I love saisons, I'd never brew with it again even if it were the last strain on earth. I think White Labs may be better off removing it from their line up and replace it with the 566 instead. Just use the Wyeast 3724. You'll be happier I promise. I still love Whitelabs products, not that one though!
Sean White
11/20/07 11:52 AM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
I've tried Wyeast 3724 a few times in the past and yes, I do feel it attenuates much better than 565. That's why I was pretty excited to try this new blend, and a bit disillusioned to see that it did not dry the beer properly. Actually, I've gotten better attenuation off the 565 than I did 568!

It did taste really great though and I think after the re-krausening, the beer should be really good and tasty with the multiple Belgian yeast strains going on right now.

I think I'll try the Wyeast saison yeast in the future though, and see if I like the yeast profile.

11/20/07 01:59 PM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Sean- did you judge the hops bops two weekends ago? If you are the sean white who was judging there, than you tasted my tripel fermented with both WL 565 and WL 550 (the equivalent to the WY ardennes from what i'm told). Your comments were "The yeast character is really true to style..."

So...if that was you, than you should enjoy your beer with the additional ardennes (although I suspect that may be one of the strains in the 568 blend anyway)

Sean White
11/20/07 02:51 PM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Good thing I didn't bash it! Just kidding, that was a nice beer and a very good flight in general.

We had a hard time choosing first between a Flanders Red and a Dark Strong, the sour and strong ales were combined.

Thanks for the info.

Al B
11/20/07 03:14 PM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
I'm fermenting with it now vs. WY 3711 Fr. saison on a split batch @ 80-84F. That fills up the bath-tub with an aquarium heater.
11/21/07 12:45 AM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Hehe.. you actually said exactly what I thought about the beer anyway...the red was mine as well!
Sean White
11/21/07 01:06 PM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Great job on the Red! That was really fantastic. Was the Black cherry Kriek that took 3rd yours too?
11/24/07 04:14 PM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Thank you....yes the kriek was mine as well. The beer you tasted was half of a batch. The other half I added 2 gallons more of black cherry juice, oak chips, and more bugs from cantillon, oud beersel, fantome, and WL sour blend. That beer is amazing right now....I'm sure by next year I'll have some of that bottled. I'm thinking of keeping that as my house blend of bugs and continue to use it as a solera set up, bottling off half and topping it off with some fresh wort/juice.
Sean White
12/30/07 11:20 AM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend

So far I have brewed 2 saisons with this yeast. I have been terribly dissapointed in the area of attenuation.

Both batches were brewed to be highly fermentable worts, were generously pitched, and kept warm during the primary fermentation.

The first beer started at 1.054, and fermented out to 1.016, and the yeast completely flocced out. I rekrausened this beer with wyeast 3522 ardennes and it dried out to 1.008

The second beer started at 1.060 and only made it down to 1.016. Once again, I threw in some dregs of wyeast 3522, this time not even krausened, just some dregs. Fermentation picked up again, and the beer had a small, creamy krausen. I have not checked the gravity but I'm sure it dropped the gravity down to 1.010 or lower.

12/30/07 12:02 PM  
Re: WLP 568 - Saison Blend
Sean; sorry to hear about the attenuation problems with this yeast. I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet myself. How does the first beer taste?

Speaking of blending, I've been thinking of blending WLP565 and Wyeast 3724 together and fermenting hot (85 - 90*F). The 565 has a very good flavor profile, very Dupontish, while the 3724 attenuates well but has a bit of a lemony flavor.

Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed about this yeast.

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