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12/03/07 01:25 PM  
B. Claussenii Propagation Expt
So, I did the little experiment I mentioned a while back.

Streaked b. claussenii from WLP tube onto a homemade plate of malt agar with 2% CaCO3. Let sit 5 days at room temp, by which point there were many large colonies.

Made some 10P "wort" that was 50% DME and 50% dextrose, with 1/4 teaspoon per pint Fermax yeast nutrient. Innoculate three containers:

a. 10 ml in a test tube, no aeration

b. 10 ml in a test tube, aerated once by shaking hard

c. ~100 ml on a stir plate

All of these had loose caps. I put 1 loopful of yeast in each of the test tubes, and 5 loopfuls into container c. Turned off the stir plate after 24 hours. Examined all containers after 48 hours.

The test tubes showed almost no sign of growth. Just a whisper of yeasty sediment, with a clean malty sweet taste/aroma. The stir plate version grew loads of yeast, and the wort was somewhat sour.

This seems to validate the idea that when propagating b. claussenii (unlike saccharomyces), for maximum speed (and safety from infection) one should strive to avoid any propagation steps that are not aerobic.

12/05/07 02:46 PM  
Re: B. Claussenii Propagation Expt
Thanks for working on that Baums. Very interesting!


12/05/07 03:11 PM  
Re: B. Claussenii Propagation Expt
That's been my observation so far. It's a ferocious feeder and multiplier when fed oxygen.
12/05/07 04:18 PM  
Re: B. Claussenii Propagation Expt
"It's a ferocious feeder and multiplier when fed oxygen."

And, importantly, a "standard" saccharomyces propagation procedure, where the first step is into a test tube that's not continuously aerated, is not the best way to go. (At least in my apartment, with my growth media, with the music I play, etc.)

12/05/07 04:55 PM  
Re: B. Claussenii Propagation Expt
Thanks for the info.

What was room temperature? cold at night or temperature regulated.

also, was the successful version nose sour also or what?


12/05/07 05:38 PM  
Re: B. Claussenii Propagation Expt
The temp was 70-72F. The starter smelled more yeasty than sour.

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