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Brian Richards
12/06/07 02:01 AM  
Where's my pellicle?
I have 2 different sour reds going right now. One ten gallon batch with the Roeselare blend and one five gallon batch with WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1. Both batches are at least 8-9 months old right now and I've yet to see a pellicle that obviously resembles a pellicle. That batch the I pitched the Roeselare blend in has a bunch of spotty white stuff that looks like the beginning of one but shouldn't i have had a full formation by now. My other batch with the Sour Mix is basically the same story. There has been no obvious pellicle, just some random white stuff. Both beers are tasting like they are going in the right direction. Am I to expect a quicker maturation of these since they don't have that protective layer sitting on them?
Brian Richards
12/06/07 02:06 AM  
Re: Where's my pellicle?
Some background info:

I kept these beers at about 70F for the first 6 months and then I had to relocate them to my new place a few blocks away. I moved these things like they had neck injuries to my new place where they sit in my basement with temps that slowly declined over the last two months from the mid 60s to low 60s. i believe they are sitting at about 63F at the coolest right now. Once I got them to my new place, that is when I started seeing some more formation on the surface.

Al B
12/06/07 07:45 AM  
Re: Where's my pellicle?

The pellicle formation or lack there of, is the result of a few factors, first and foremost is some level of O2. If the brew is giving off some CO2 and/or the airlock is tight, little or no O2 will be at the surface of the brew.

Bacteria - mostly Pediococcus, produce slimy polysaccharides which may take time, facilitates the growth of Brett at the surface with O2. Populations of bugs can also be dynamic and have different "life-cycles". I have a lambic right now at 20 months that is now developing a fat pellicle.

12/06/07 02:24 PM  
Re: Where's my pellicle?
I've had a high grav brew (made in this past may) that fermented with a blend containing the WL Sour Blend and it has a thin layer but not a sizeable large pellicle. The beer tastes great. Another brew I had with bugs didn't have much of anything until I let some O2 into the carboy and shook a tiny bit. The pellicle began to form shortly after. This beer also tastes great. I would say either aerate a bit or not worry about.
12/06/07 07:39 PM  
Re: Where's my pellicle?
I have a 8 month old roeselare beer going as well with no pellicle. I thought it was due to my airlock not letting any O2 in and the fact that i keep lifting up the cover on the carboy a little bit every week for 8 months to see if the pellicle has formed... thus slightly shaking the surface! I was thinking about letting in some O2 but I think I'll just let it go for another 10 months after reading this.
Brian Richards
12/06/07 11:51 PM  
Re: Where's my pellicle?
I just checked on my beers tonight and I am definitely getting a decent pellicle now on one of them and another one seems to be just starting. That happened quick. I guess all I had to do was start a thread about it.
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