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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Al B
12/28/07 10:55 PM  
Re: busy Holiday brewin'
Interesting yeast choices Eric -

Apple wheat w/ the Hefe

- I thought of a Wit with the apple like Cisco's cherry on wit .....(banana + clove) from the Hefe sounds interesting.

Biere de Mars w/ Belgian ale

- For my Biere de Mars, I'm stuck on trying a "farmhouse" strain at a lower temp. since I didn't see WL Antwerp come out. I dunno.

Eric K
12/31/07 09:37 AM  
Re: busy Holiday brewin'
Hey Al B

I was thinking of a nice spicy apple bier for the holidays, so the hefe yeast seemed natural. Organic raisons in the secondary may also be quite tasty.

I do a Wit with hefe yeast and replace the corriader with a very light touch of cardomom (2 pods at time 0 for a 10 gallon batch), and man it's fantastic. The blend of banana, clove, cardamom, and a raw wheat and oat malt base is heaven in a glass. This is probably more of a Farmhouse approach, but I like it anyway.

A Bier de Mars with WY1214 is a bit odd, but it comes out great at lower fermentation temps. Actually, a bit spicy-clovy if done at 65-68F. I use a base of Vienna, Munich, wheat, and flaked corn. Add a few handfulls of Aramatic and your good to go.

Have you tried the Canadian/Belgian VSS yeast? I used it last year on a Kolsch and Farmhouse recipe with great success. Very malty and smooth. It screams Unibrou. I just bought 4 more smackpacks this season I liked it so much.

12/31/07 11:10 AM  
Re: busy Holiday brewin'
Why not use the Wyeast 1007 for a Biere de Garde or the 3711 for the Biere de Mars just for kicks? Seems like a more neutral yeast is the way to go for a Biere de somethin'.
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