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12/06/07 12:16 PM  
Viability of stored yeast
Now I know this is not the ideal way to go about this, but I have about a pint of yeast stored in a sanitized ball jar for use in a brew which I plan on brewing within a few days from now. It's been in the fridge for four or five days. I think I read somewhere it's fine, but the yeast will only last about a month or so. I know there are some yeast experts here so I figure I'll put the question to you guys. How long will this yeast remain viable?
Al B
12/06/07 01:48 PM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
Dr. Raines' article in Zymurgy a few months ago (I think) had some goo, I mean good, insight.

If there's a fair amount of trub in there and oxygen, the slurry's days are numbered. Thats what happen to one of mine (Rogue yeast) - it piffed completely after a couple of months I think.

Cold temp (32-34F) and little to no trub, will help maintain viability. Is the slurry naked (no beer on top)?

12/06/07 02:10 PM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
There is beer on the top. I poured in the mixture to the top of the jar and capped, then put into a fridge (don't think it's that cold but it's close). The yeast settled out filling a little more than half the jar. There doesn't seem to be much trub. I don't plan on storing this long term, just for several more days.
Sean White
12/06/07 04:56 PM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
It should probably be fine as-is, but never hurts to make a starter to re-awaken it and sort of replenish the cell walls and general yeast health. Making a starter can also just help to settle your mind if you are a little worried about it.
12/07/07 03:26 AM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
Sean, do you save yeast that you want but wont be able to immediately use?

12/07/07 03:37 AM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
Perhaps this is even a cross-over thread.... I read a small abstract of a presentation by the recent poster on the olive oil thread (Asst Brewer of New Belgium) and it says that's it's added during yeast storage....wonder if this would help for this method of storing yeast....
12/07/07 08:29 AM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast

I have yeast in the fridge for weeks at a time and reuse it with no problem. I usually do one rinse with sterile water to clean out the trub and hops but I've done it without doing so as well.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

12/07/07 01:36 PM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
Cool, glad to here someone's doing it with success.
12/13/07 05:46 PM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast

I pitched the yeast this past sunday, into my saison spiced with marjoram, black peppercorns and fresh pulled: oregano, cuban oregano, lemon thyme, and lemon verbana. All sorachi ace hops. Fermentation is now going fine, even at 62F. Guess it's ok!

12/13/07 06:04 PM  
Re: Viability of stored yeast
.....and coriander
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