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12/09/07 01:18 PM  
bottling a starter
I brewed a IIPA this weekend and after racking into the fermenter I still had about 1.5 liters or wort in the kettle. Planning to brew a Belgian Quad on Tuesday, I pulled the wort and used it to make a starter with Wyeast Ardennes.

The starter smells so killer...hoppy as hell but with the fruit and phenolics from that yeast...I'm wondering if anyone here has bottled their starter wort.

The reason I ask is that the starter is on a stir plate so the wort is being constantly aerated. I would imagine this is bad for the beer since we all take such pains to avoid oxygen in fermented beer.

I also know that Belgians tend not to have the hop character of a California double IPA, but like I said....good smells.

The starter wort was about 1050 when I pitched the yeast (I diluted a bit from 1080) and it probably has about 85 IBUs of fresh, whole leaf centennial and simcoe.

Can anyone chime in here?

12/09/07 06:56 PM  
Re: bottling a starter
I don't bottle my starters but rather pressure can them. In your case, you have a sanitized wort that's loaded with hops. I'm no expert for sure, but research shows that adding hops to starters is known to inhibit yeast metabolism.
12/10/07 06:44 AM  
Re: bottling a starter
Hey Ross

So by bottle it, I meant for consumption, not for later use.

I plant to pitch the yeast tomorrow. Do you think that given the hops load that that is a bad idea now?

12/10/07 09:29 AM  
Re: bottling a starter
Sorry, I didn't realize you were going to drink it! Ha! Pitch the yeast and make beer! I was meaning that if you were going to try and propagate yeast for increasing cell count, the hops may present trouble.
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