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12/11/07 12:49 PM  
Off topic a it, but I thought there might be someone on this forum that could handle this question.

Spent part of Sept in Europe and happened to make it home with a small bottle of basalmic vinegar from one of our hosts outside of Modena. As we were leaving they surprised me with this gift (after I had raved about it when it was served with aged parmasean cheese). They had a jug sitting on the kitchen counter and left over wine got dumped in their from time to time.

My Italian is rudimentary (at best) and I didn't think I'd have a good chance of figuring out the details of growing vinegar, but now that I unexpectedly have the seeds....

Can I just put a little of the vinegar in some wine and let it go for a while?

Al B
12/11/07 02:54 PM  
Re: Vinegar
Oxygen + warm temps + time is usually all there is to it. If the wine is too strong, you may need to dilute it with water. If it really takes off, you may see a "mother culture" - a big clump of snot floating in it (so you may want to filter it if it does).

Al Basalmic

12/11/07 03:01 PM  
Re: Vinegar
This web site doesn't ring with the academic authenticity of, say, Babble Belt, but heck, why not give it a read...

If your vinegar came from an open pot on the counter, I'd guess it is not filtered or pastuerized, which seems to mean you might be able to culture with it. But I'm speculating on what I read in the last 10 minutes.


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