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12/31/07 02:33 PM  
Wyeast 3522 or WLP550
I wanted to get some opinions on Chouffe's yeast. If you've brewed with it -- Do you think it's fruity or spicy or balanced. I've seen on other boards where some brewer's say how spicy , while others say so fruity. Just curious, since i'm going to try a golden and dark strong ale with this yeast. Thanks for any input.
12/31/07 02:43 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3522 or WLP550
I'm not the biggest fan of WY3522, though I think the strain does have a lot going for it (strength, flocculation, production of bubblegum esters under certain conditions). For my taste it's a bit too dominated by some phenolic character. I taste this same character in some commercial Belgian-style brews, such as New Glarus Stone Soup.

I don't taste this character in La Chouffe itself, nor do I get it in Jolly Pumpkin beers (which use WLP550 according to BLAM, though the wild bugs may have some part to play in that).

12/31/07 05:14 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3522 or WLP550

I've used both and I have seen both described as the belgian "workhorse" strains. I found the 550 is a strong and reliable fermenter that leaned to the spicy side. I made a wonderful grisette with the 3522 that was clean fruity with no bubblegum/clove- fermented at 70F.

I found the 3255 can heat up quickly and crank a lot of fusel alc if it gets away into the 70s - my experience with most belgians

I think either one would be good choice for the golden or dark just pitch low at 68F and when active keep it at 68 for a couple of days (not easy to do for me - much wailing and gnashing of teeth) then let it ramp up to 70-72. Let us know how it goes.


12/31/07 05:33 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3522 or WLP550
DBear's comments remind me that in addition to the beers that had the phenolic character that's not to my taste, I have also made much cleaner beer with this yeast (to the point that I actually found it boring). I don't understand exactly what has made some batches much more expressive than others.
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