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12/31/07 10:14 PM  
Upping the alcohol
It looks like my first batch of home brew is going to be a bit on the light side. Is it possibble to raise the alcohol percentage during the first fermenting?
01/01/08 12:37 AM  
Re: Upping the alcohol
Yep, just add the sugar of your choice. Different sugars will impart very different flavor profiles.
01/01/08 04:30 AM  
Re: Upping the alcohol
Thanks Cisco,

I'd like it to go up about 0.5% how much sugar would you recommend?

It's been fermenting for 7 days, is it too late?

01/01/08 04:28 PM  
Re: Upping the alcohol
MIK, I think there's little reason to sweat .5%. Adding something at this point could result in contamination. Take it for what it is and add a bit more of grain or extract more for the next batch.
Dave I
01/01/08 04:30 PM  
Re: Upping the alcohol
Related question. Is it possible to add sugar to an Oud Bruin or Lambic after it has soured to raise the gravity, or would that screw everything up since it would presumably be a while after fermentation (possibly months or even year[s])? I doubt I would do it at my infancy in making sour beers, but for an experimental sort of thing down the road, maybe.

As for your questions MIK:

<<I'd like it to go up about 0.5% how much sugar would you recommend?>>

I would mess around with the numbers in ProMash. What are your recipe and gravity specs?

<<It's been fermenting for 7 days, is it too late?>>

I doubt it. That should be fine, assuming the yeast is still doing it's thing. Worst case scenario, you should be able to add sugar and then add some sort of cheapo dry yeast. I believe Dogfishhead's 120 Minute IPA and Samuel Adams super-high gravity beers (among others) add sugar intermittently as the yeast eats all of the fermentables in a staggered sort of fermentation/feeding schedule so they do not have too much on the yeast's plate at any given time.


01/02/08 03:56 AM  
Re: Upping the alcohol
Thanx very much fellas
01/02/08 09:52 AM  
Re: Upping the alcohol
Half a percent is not worth the trouble but you can add sugar anytime after fermentation as long as there is still active yeast or bugs.
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