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10/01/08 02:56 PM  
Re: Sulfur after bottling?
<<why are you oxygenating for 2 hrs?>>

After years of shaking the carboy or no oxygenation at all, I jumped on the aeration bandwagon. Originally I bought actual aquarium equipment from a pet store with a porous 'stone' which always worried me regarding sanitation. In any event, the glue that held the stone to the tube failed one day, so I replaced it with one that has a cylindrical stainless steel diffuser.

My intent is always to aerate for a minimum of 1 hour but . . .you know . . it's late, been brewing all day, doing the last step, RDWH(Another)HB, cleaning up . . . well, looky looky! Aerator's been running for like 2 hrs. Better take it out, pitch the yeast, and (yawn) . . .

Al B
10/02/08 08:07 AM  
Re: Sulfur after bottling?

I want to add WY table on oxygenation and results. The factors impacting the amount of dissolved O2 of course are SG, temp., amount of trub, etc. They recommend 10ppm for the aeration of wort:

Method DO ppm Time

Siphon Spray 4 ppm 0 sec.

Splashing & Shaking 8 ppm 40 sec.

Aquarium Pump w/ stone 8 ppm 5 min

Pure Oxygen w/ stone 0-26ppm 60 sec (12ppm)

So w/ 1 pkg of yeast/6gal, I think w/out calculating, that you are over-oxygenating unnecessarily. This isn't a bad thing for the yeast, but if there were a contaminant, then this would increase the likelyhood of off-flavors (especially before the yeast was pitched). Not saying this is the problem, but if you are using an aquarium pump I recommend a filter after the pump as it is not sterile air. The pure O2 tank is sterile by the way. Hope that helps in some capacity.

10/02/08 03:40 PM  
Re: Sulfur after bottling?
Thanks, Al -

I forgot to mention that the setup I use has a HEPA filter in-line between the pump and the diffuser. The pump itself has an excellent paraboloid leg design that minimizes sound and vibration - not so important for how I use it, but cool. I think it's this one:


Anyhow, even with the filter etc. I do worry about contamination from the tube and stone. Hm - interesting info on the time. I though a lot of people here aerated for an hour or so, though . . .

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