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01/09/08 01:08 AM  
Carboy Head Space

What level do people using carboys fill to? I know

that too much oxygen will get the acetobacteria more to work with before the brett pellicle forms - but will too little of "flat space" or head space in the top of the carboy cause a small brett pellicle and thus less brett growth?

I enjoy seeing a nice brett pellicle form when I fill

the carboy to just where the neck starts curving - but this leaves about a 6" head space.


01/09/08 10:08 AM  
Re: Carboy Head Space
I did a calculation a while back that showed the amount of oxygen in a gallon of air is not enough to let bugs (acetobacter or brett) produce a very significant amount of acetic acid in 4 gallons of beer. So if you want to give the brett maximum room to spread out and do their thing, I think you don't need to worry about filling only to the 4 gallon mark (or even a fair bit lower).
Dave I
01/09/08 01:10 PM  
Re: Carboy Head Space
If you fill it up to the neck of the secondary carboy, will that be detrimental to souring/aging/funktifying/etc.?


01/09/08 02:57 PM  
Re: Carboy Head Space
Be sure not to fill it up too much....I have a brett brew that keeps getting some incremental feedings and is subsequently filled up to about an inch or so from the stopper. We're having a heatwave of sorts and the expanded ale is now partially up the center of airlock! Damn unpredictable winter! Oh well, it's not spilling over and it's supposed to cool soon but i'll have to do some tastings to get the level down before spring ;)

Dave I
01/09/08 03:36 PM  
Re: Carboy Head Space
<<Be sure not to fill it up too much....>>

Too late. It is up pretty high. Oh well, I will just watch it and take hydrometer samples whenever volume or curiosity dictate.


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