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01/10/08 04:54 AM  
375 mL Bottles
I was wondering if any of you have ordered the standard green Belgian 375 mL bottles. I hadn't been saving them over the years, so now I have only about a dozen. I'd like about two cases (plus) more, but was wondering what you've found (I haven't really looked online yet).

Last year I managed to get 10 cases of good quality Champagne-style (with a punt) 750 mLs for $24 a case. These are substantial bottles, equivalent to the Belgian standard. $2 a bottle sounds pricey, but I intend to keep these for a long, long time. I'm actually considering buying more if I can get a similar price. Anyhow, any help on the 375 mL question is appreciated. I've just begin cork bottling so all these things are on my mind...

01/10/08 07:07 AM  
Re: 375 mL Bottles
I would expect to pay about a dollar per bottle for heavy 375s, so $25 per case doesn't sound out of the ordinary to me.

Just as a side thought, it is possible to close champagne bottles with crown caps, but most are made to take larger caps than the standard ones you probably already use. Two solutions: a good supply store will sell the larger champagne caps, or, find champagne bottles with standard-sized necks.

I close some of my beers with a straight wine cork, and finish it with a crown cap, rather than going with the more expensive Belgian cork and wire cage.

01/15/08 01:31 AM  
Re: 375 mL Bottles
The $25/case was for a dozen 750s. I was able to find some of the bigger Belgian-style crown caps at my local store so I can reuse belgian bottles without a cork and cage. I hope to mainly just use the cork and cage for my 'fancy' beers, i.e. anything with wild yeasts.

I have a 16 month old lambic-style batch that I brewed as true to possible to Cantillon's mash schedule and added the Wyeast blend as well as Cantillon and Girardin dregs which I had added fresh wort to. I had a very fresh bottle of Cantillon gueuze which actually had a fantastic aroma after a few weeks as a starter, so hopefully it turns out satisfactorily. However, I do know it really needs more time, I'm just not willing to give it more.

01/15/08 10:11 AM  
Re: 375 mL Bottles
I would think it's ready for bottling, not that you need. Just bottled up a lambic style ale that had Cantillon, Oud Beersel, and Fantome dregs, which was originally fermented with the lambic blend. Several months after adding all the dregs it was more than enough time (a total of 14 months total aging). If you added the dregs a long time ago I'm sure it's ok to bottle...have you tasted lately?
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