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01/10/08 09:10 PM  
Degree of crush/grind on spices
I recently made a "simple" spiced saison with 3711, and threw in white pepper, coriander, and some star anise. I had a friend over who helped and I instructed him to grind the spices in a mortar and pestle. He did so but did it waaaay better than I ever have, and it was a very fine crush. The quantities of spices I used based on my past experience and "Farmhouse Ales" told me it should be at a just detectable level. Now the beer is kegged and bottled and it tastes like in your face coriander. I realize it will calm down over time. The bottles actually appear to have very fine granules of spices still in them and sticking to the interior bottle walls.

So, how fine do you usually crush your spices? Just crack them? Fine ground?

Al B
01/10/08 09:41 PM  
Re: Degree of crush/grind on spices
I do fine grind them. I used White pepper, lemon peel, and lemon grass on my 3711 just recently. I never thought about it, but for some reason I added them to a nylon bag in the boiling wort.

Al Bag

01/10/08 09:46 PM  
Re: Degree of crush/grind on spices
For the dry spices I usually use the mortar also. I grind them as fine as I can or until the grind looks uniform. I throw the star anise in whole about 10 minutes before the boil end. Fruit skins are zested.
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