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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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01/12/08 12:29 PM  
Long Weekend brew schedule
Have a long weekend this week, so I'm gonna take full advantage....

Today - Berliner Weiss (approximately 1.035-1.04 OG) with the new WYeast blend and a touch of organic tettnanger & saffir hops.

Sunday - BREAK!

Monday - 6th gen 3711 saison, another strong dark one, to be aged on oak and a vanilla bean I received for x-mas.

Teusday - Bravo Hop IPA.... can't wait to try these new dual purpose hops, has anyone else?

01/12/08 07:04 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
Monday sounds yummy.
Al B
01/12/08 09:06 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
Just finished CORKIN' my FIRST 3711 batch. That was cool.

FG was 1004. Spiced w/ white pepper, lemon grass, lemon peel - dry hopped with Boadicea + newport hops + added fresh yeast (Al's Blend de Saison) for priming.

Had a Jeroboam - now THAT was a little tricky - the bottle was alittle tall for the corker. Got it done.

01/12/08 10:42 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
Nice.....where did you find the cork for the jerboam?

Three days ago I just bottled up my herbal 3711 saison spiced with the cuban oregano, lemon thyme, lemon verbana, marjoram and black pepper. Tasted quite strong at first but has mellowed considerably in the past few days...once it is fully conditioned i think it may be the tastiest spice beer i've brewed yet.....

How's yours tastin'?

01/12/08 10:46 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
What in Gods' name is a Jeroboam?
01/12/08 10:52 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
It's a 3 liter champagne bottle, I belive, my amount might be a wrong but it's a big bottle.
Al B
01/13/08 10:08 AM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
Yep, its a 3L block-buster bomb. I used a champagne cork since those are the fattest ones. Also had to finagle a wire cage too. First time - We'll see how it does.

The 3711 batch is quite good, spicy and hoppy much like the Thieriz blond I drank afterwards, but with a lemony nuance. I wish I had more time to make 6 more like you!

Ross - have Cisco insert a bottling download during your brain purge! ;~)

01/13/08 12:46 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
"What in Gods' name is a Jeroboam?"

The clues for an intervention/education/deprogramming weekend just keep adding up!

01/15/08 01:50 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
Cheers, on a snowy brew day! Right now my strong dark saison is being brewed under snow flakes, with some additions to the recipe - 3 types of candi sugar, star anise ( along with the vanilla bean), and 32 oz or so of black cherry juice.....due to inclement weather yesterday, the bravo IPA will be brewed later!
Mike T
01/22/08 10:29 AM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
"Today - Berliner Weiss (approximately 1.035-1.04 OG) with the new WYeast blend and a touch of organic tettnanger & saffir hops."

BPotts - I was just wondering how the Berliner is going. Tasted it yet?

I made a 3.5 gallon batch with it on Saturday. OG 1.032, mash hops, single decoction, heated just to a boil, then chilled to 68. Fermentation was kicking after about 12 hours (no starter), and it still has a nice thick krausen.

How long are you doing primary/secondary? I imagine it will dry out enough that it shouldn't need too long before bottling, maybe 1 week in primary, followed by 1 month in secondary?

01/22/08 07:51 PM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
Hey Mike,

Haven't tasted yet. I cooled to about 70 and pitched. The next day when I checked there was a nice large krausen and it was bubbling rapidly out of the airlock. I checked on the beer a day or two ago and there was still settling krausen, which looked thick and white (from the lacto I assume). Smelled good.

I was hoping to rack to secondary this week, as I'm going away for a week on friday, but doesn't look like it will settle in time. I've used their German ale yeast before, and it's a super low flocculator and takes awhile to fully ferment. With that, together with the brett and lacto, I think it'll be fine if I let it sit until the weekend after this one coming up. I was gonna let it sit a couple of months or so in secondary, Wyeast recomends 3-6 months for full flavor developement, I guess due to the brett. I too am hoping this one can be bottled a bit hastier than your average bug brew, but I don't mind if it's just ready for spring.

So you just brought it up to a boil, then cooled, eh? Is that how traditional berliners were made?

Mike T
01/23/08 09:40 AM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
I believe “ultra-traditional” Berliners were not even brought to a boil, just taken straight from the mash tun and run into the fermetner (with the lacto from the grain surviving to sour the beer). I have read that many Berliner Weiss breweries used to use a turbid mash (of Lambic fame).

I’m certainly no expert on the style, but if nothing else it seemed like something interesting to try out. I was hoping Wyeast’s recommendation could also apply to age in the bottle.

I wonder how many IBUs I got? Mash hops are supposed to give some, but I was never clear if that was only because AA were extracted in the mash and then isomerized in the boil. I wonder if any isomerization occurred during the decoction?

01/23/08 10:05 AM  
Re: Long Weekend brew schedule
I'll be super interested to hear how much sourness you get...
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