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01/18/08 12:33 PM  
homemade invert sugar
Can some one point me to a procedure for making invert sugar on the stove top? Or start a thread on best practices?

I looked over the web a little and attempted; simmering 2 lb. of table sugar (plus a cup of water). With the addition of 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar. This has settled overnight into a large block of sugar. Does this sound correct? Or should I have added more water to make more of a syrup?

Plan to brew this weekend, can I simply mirco my sugar block and add that? Or heat on the stove top, or chip it apart and add that?

01/18/08 12:41 PM  
Re: homemade invert sugar
One cup of water doesn't sound like enough to me. I usually use about 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, and add some citric acid instead of tartar. That should stay in syrup form. If worse comes to worst, you can just melt down your sugar block and stir the melted sugar into your boil.
01/18/08 01:53 PM  
Re: homemade invert sugar
thanks, I'm definitely not going to waste what I have. Probably going to melt it on the stove top at brew time.

For future reference was wondering if anyone has a more solid (tested) procedure? How much citric acid? How long / how hot do you heat the syrup?

01/18/08 02:39 PM  
Re: homemade invert sugar
How long you heat the sugar all has to do with what end result you are looking for. If you are brewing something light, you probably want light sugar, so you can just make the syrup and pour it into your wort as soon as it is ready (I might wait until the end of the boil).

On the other hand, if you are brewing something dark and are shooting for carmelized flavors, let the syrup come to a boil and keep cooking. Be careful, because it gets powerful hot. After all the water boils off from the syrup, the temp will start to go up, and it will start to take on color. I can't remember the exact temperatures of the different stages of sugar, but you would want to take it pretty dark...if you aren't used to working with sugar, probably darker than you think would be right.

If you pour it out and let it cool (on a silpat or something like it), it will be solid and brittle; it can be broken into pieces, or dissolved in water to make a syrup. This isn't actually how the candi syrup is made, but it will make a decent syrup that contributes character.

01/18/08 08:27 PM  
Re: homemade invert sugar
There was a long post on this awhile ago, use the search.
01/18/08 10:34 PM  
Re: homemade invert sugar
Sure of course, for completeness and close the thread, taken from "Westy8 and Hoppy Triple" thread:

2 lb. of sugar to 1 cup of water, add 1 tsp acid (tartaric, phosphoric, or lemon juice).

as well as an excellent sugar summary at:


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