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01/18/08 12:44 PM  
Transferring to another bottle
For the sake of an upcoming competition, I need/would really, really like to get a beer from a 750 champagne bottle into two 12 oz bottles with minimal trauma. Any brilliant ideas beyond just siphoning it out (I can see the foam flying as I type this)?
Al B
01/18/08 01:45 PM  
Re: Transferring to another bottle
Do you have one of those counter-pressure filling wand-things w/ a CO2 tank? I can only guess that would be the other way.
01/18/08 02:32 PM  
Re: Transferring to another bottle
No counter pressure. It's me and gravity. The beer is good enough that I wouldn't mind keeping it all for myself. But I'd also like to send it in for the comp.
01/18/08 02:42 PM  
Re: Transferring to another bottle
Get a stopped small enough to plug a bottle. Drill it out so you can fit a racking cane into it and down to the bottom of your bottles. Attach the siphon hose to the racking cane and then plug the bottle with the device. When you start the siphon the beer will flow down the racking cane into the bottle but will stop when the pressure equalizes in the stoppered container. You can then bleed out a little air at a time to allow the beer to keep flowing.

This works from a keg, but I've never tried it from one bottle to another. Its a counter pressure filler that you can make for about a dollar.


01/18/08 02:43 PM  
Re: Transferring to another bottle
There is no good way of transferring beer from bottle to bottle. You'll just oxidize the beer and get poor judging results. If you want to enter competitions then every batch you make needs to have at least a six pack of 12 oz bottles filled so you're ready to enter.
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