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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Scott Jackson
01/21/08 12:10 PM  
Big Gravity Sunday
I brewed 20 gallons of beer yesterday. 10 gallons of Barleywine (OG 1.104) and 10 gallons of Biere de Garde (OG 1.080 - a bit bigger than I was shooting for but I may water it down if it tastes too big). Both were all grain.
01/21/08 12:33 PM  
Re: Big Gravity Sunday
I did 10 gallons of a saison with a starting gravity of 58.
01/21/08 12:35 PM  
Re: Big Gravity Sunday
I'm getting ready for the arrival of Ross for his deprogramming and enlightening weekend. I know how much he likes saisons so I brewed a special one up for him.
Sean White
01/25/08 11:09 AM  
Re: Big Gravity Sunday
I brewed up a doppelbock on MLK Day that weighed in at 1.085. Everything went really well and I think it should be great. I've been reading about eisbocks in "Brewing Classic Styles" and the original recipe for my doppel is quite close to Jamil's eisbock recipe. It is tempting to give the eisbock a shot.
01/25/08 01:46 PM  
Re: Big Gravity Sunday
Saturday we attempted our most ambitious all-grain batch yet - 6 gal of a 1.091 Imp. Stout loosely based on the GD Yeti. Had some wackiness when trying to compensate for dark grain acidity (had never tried to adjust mash water chemistry before) but all seems to have worked out well. I have a pic of myself holding a 1/2" tube as it flowed through when we racked it into the ferementor and it looks like a piece of solid black rubber! Dang, that's a dark beer. Using WY 1028.

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