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Mark A
01/28/08 12:47 PM  
Belgian Candy Syrup vs invert sugar
A brewer friend of mine makes his own invert sugar at home and caramelizes it to different levels depending on the type of beer he's making. He hasn't tried the Belgian Candy Syrup yet, so we were wondering how similar the commercial product is to homemade invert syrup, especially in terms of flavor impact on the end product. I remember when you guys first started experimenting with the syrup and there were some very positive statements.
01/28/08 12:57 PM  
Re: Belgian Candy Syrup vs invert sugar
The Belgian dark candi syrup is worlds apart from anything you can make at home and next to impossible to duplicate on your stove!!
Al B
01/28/08 01:24 PM  
Re: Belgian Candy Syrup vs invert sugar
While its nice to carmelize different sugars (demerra, rapidura, muscovado, panela, palm jaggery sugar) including inverted sugar......as Cisco says, its not even close.
Mark A
01/28/08 02:40 PM  
Re: Belgian Candy Syrup vs invert sugar
I did a little searching through the archives and found mentions that the syrup gives a much more authentic dubbel flavor. Do you have any information on the chemical makeup of the syrup and/or how it's made? Primarily just curious about what makes it so unique. Is it cane or beet sugar, what % is fermentable, etc. Apologies if this info is available elsewhere.
Al B
01/28/08 05:56 PM  
Re: Belgian Candy Syrup vs invert sugar
Beet sugar. The syrup is a by-product of the candi sugar process: Fructose 16.34%, Sucrose 29.84%, Glucose 18.10% I beleive its gravity is around 1.031, SRM 80.
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