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01/28/08 01:00 PM  
Lambic in plastic
I am considering making a lambic in the near future, but have somewhat limited primary fermenter space. I was wondering, can one successfully make a lambic in a plastic bucket, or will the oxygen diffusion be too much over a 1, 2 or 3 year period? I don't want to have to wait a year to find out I brewed 5 gallons of vinegar.


01/28/08 02:08 PM  
Re: Lambic in plastic
See the below thread where I posted about my practices. In short just one primary bucket for two years, no problems (I suspect you could go longer but I don't have the patience). If you want to reuse it, don't wash, just remove and bottle your beer, make a starter of just S.c. to balance the bugs, and pitch new wort. Damn simple, damn delicious.


01/28/08 02:28 PM  
Re: Lambic in plastic
Great. Thanks. That is very informative. Interesting how your experience seems to be almost the opposite of what one would expect. (not sour enough)

Any others out there try long term aging (1-2 years) in plastic and have similar results? ie, tasty beer that is NOT vinegar. :)


Mike Mraz
01/28/08 03:00 PM  
Re: Lambic in plastic
I do all my sour beers in buckets, the

buckets I use are the white ones not the semi-see though beer store buckets. I feel the semi-clear buckets let too much light in even in a dark room. I fill them to about 1-2 inches from the top with a air tight lid and a airlock for a very small amount a positive pressure. My thinking

is the very small amount of co2 pressure will slow the o2 from coming in. I don't know if it is true but it works for me. The beers I make are in bucket for 4-12 months. Then I rack over to a corny keg to stop the o2 and let the beer balance out.

01/28/08 08:42 PM  
Re: Lambic in plastic
Cool, thanks. Guess I might as well give it a whirl since I don't have a lot of glass to deticate to that long of a ferment.
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