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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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01/29/08 10:56 AM  
Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Normally I would know this, but between contending with the arm, WWIII over in the BBB and dealing with state forms and an annual report (I'm the new President of a non-profit scientific organization) I don't even know which end is up. A box of beer came in, nice! I think I recall VT or NH on the label, could that have been from Ryan?

Oh, hope it wasn't too geeky using a Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy word in the subject line!

John A
01/29/08 12:10 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Hey Steve,

I sent you a couple bottles of old ale with the amber liquid so you could take part in the old ale discussion. I also sent Brian a package and Al B so they can sit in if they like.

I hope your feeling better


Al B
01/29/08 12:28 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Are all these swaps scheduled? I've lost touch.
01/29/08 12:43 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Hey Steve

Though they were from John, I would like to send you my B. lambicus if you're willing to give me some feedback.


01/29/08 03:16 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Al, pretty amazing how being in charge of spam removal can take you out of the loop, eh? You've been doing a great job though, its an incredible help.

Ryan, be happy to do a 2 person swap with you. I have an all-brett that was finished with lambicus.

John - you rule. Many thanks. The arm is coming around. The operation turned out to be terrible, but I was saved by uncommonly tough tendons (surgeon described them as "shoe leather"). Perhaps that is a factor in my recovery, the pace of which is surprising everyone. 2 more weeks in the sling ... can't wait!!


01/29/08 05:31 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Hang in there, Steve. I am getting my cast off in 3 days, and reopening the brewery in 4.
01/29/08 05:43 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?

sweet. THough you need not feel compelled to swap. i'd just like the feedback and I thought that I could thank you for involving me here on the board this way (unless its bad in which case I'll send you something you like).


01/29/08 06:02 PM  
and a hoopy one at that!
Hey Steve -

First off let me hijack (not hitch-hike) this thread to say what I'm sure all are feeling - which is that your heroic efforts on the other board are of course much appreciated. Since we can't say that there now, I'll say it here.

Second, I'm sure we can attribute this to your shoe leather (possible Brett presence in there?) tendons, but the correct spelling is "FROOD" ! :-)


Al B
01/29/08 07:58 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
huh. I thought he was trying to say "frog"
01/30/08 01:52 PM  
Re: Whose the cool froog who sent beer?
Oh maaan ... frooD! Guess I should bone up on my lingo before going geek! Like any sloppy brewer I don't always know where my towel is.
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