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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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02/03/08 06:48 AM  
Temporary password protection
So while I've been healing and working on BBB registration Al has been playing the big role keeping this place going - specifically by staying on top of the spam. Found out yesterday the levels are really spiking, 50-60 in a day or two. Damn. Odd coincidence that would happen just as the BBB gets locked up.

The code backbone of the BBB registration is something I cannot do, it would be more accurate to say I act as an assistant to the guy who actually wrote this board, when the code is functioning I do a lot of cleanup and testing and addressing minor issues that are within my capacity to comprehend Pats code. Help of that degree is not something I can ask for all the time, and in having BBB reg developed I played a pretty big hand. So I can't do that again any time soon. But I can apply a simple solution...

There are two ways to think about password protection. The good way is registration, everybody gets their own username and password combo. The cheesey way is to have one username and combo - like on the babbler email page. In fact its so easy I can do it myself.

So here's the deal. MAYBE this new influx of spam is actually automated. If that is the case then I can impliment a UN & PW right now and post them, robots don't read posts. Assholes trying to kill your board do. But we'll give benefit of the doubt. This week I'm going to put a UN & PW in place and post them, we'll see what happens. If that fails I need to change the UN & PW, not post them and require yous guys to email me to ask what they are. But I need to wait a few days, I'll have lots of BBB regs to deal with first. They are all being screened, that's going to be a headache. One headache at a time. So for now ... username is 1 password is 2. Should be easy. That may apply making a thread and replying to a thread separately.

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