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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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02/03/08 09:55 AM  
Temporary Password Protection
Friday drew 50-60 spam posts here. Timing seems coincidental, as soon as I put protection on the BBB this board start to load up. Maybe its robots just happening to turn up the heat now, maybe not. In case it is an automated attack, I put password protection on the pages that process posts. Its not nearly as smart as the BBB protection, where people log in and create their own username and password, I already played a big development card. It will take a while before I can ask for the same thing here. So this is just for now.

If this was a robot attack then I can post the username and password here since robots don't read posts. If its a human attack then I'm giving away the keys. If that is the case I will reset the username and password and people will need to email me to find out how to get in. So, when the user name and password box pops up use username: 1 password: 2. Sorry, this will happen every time you go to post something.

02/03/08 11:20 AM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Steve, a small price to pay to stop the madness! It will be great not seeing old posts rehashed onoly to find some jibberish where a beery update should be. It would be really sad if it turns out someone is actually sitting there manually doing this...anyway, thanks for the hard work!
02/03/08 12:52 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection

what kind of lamo has that much time...

02/03/08 01:14 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Really, all that energy that COULD be use brewing! I just hope the answer is spammers, though with the timing I fear the real answer is far more pathetic.
02/11/08 10:32 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
If ya need any development help, just drop me a line!

02/12/08 11:38 AM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Thanks DrunkenPanther, kind offer. I work at an ISP, we have a lot of very custom code. Its not really possible to give access to anyone outside out realm. 'preciate it though.
02/12/08 01:12 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
No worries. Hopefully the spammer thing passes. I cant think of a more lame existence than sitting around and spamming message boards.

02/12/08 01:25 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Its the ultimate lame existance since they are almost certainly algorythmic ... I'd hate to go through life as code! If it was actually a person then a username and password that I gave away in a thread that I encouraged reading would never have worked. But I have not killed a single piece of spam while this rediculously rudimentry protection has been in place. Robots are very annoying - fortunately though more annoying than they are smart.
02/13/08 02:35 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Someone I know is having trouble posting SteveG, they said I needed to vouch for them. How can I do that?
02/13/08 04:13 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Is this in reference to the homebrew board or the regular BBB? There is no registration here on the brew board, anyone is free to post.
02/15/08 02:58 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
<<Is this in reference to the homebrew board or the regular BBB? >>

I guess the regular BBB, his name is 'Kai', I can give you his last name if you need it. He asked me to vouch for him, he will be a legitimate poster,etc.

02/18/08 05:29 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection

That was in reference to the regular BBB board. I hadn't yet learned the difference between the two. Now I can be on both, it seems.

Thanks for your help, SAH.

01/21/10 10:00 AM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Carl's comments make sense to me. Recently a friend did a full wort sour mash that came out much cleaner than the ones I've tried with only half the liquid (before sparging). Of course other variable such as different grists, season, location, luck, etc. could have also influenced it.

But as for your idea of mash hopping the sour mash, I don't think it will protect you from funk. Hop acids do not retard brett or saccharomyces yeasts (at least at mash hopping levels), so those wild strains likely won't be inhibited. Wild Brews says that it is common for hop acids to retard the growth of gram positive bacteria, such as lactobacillus. Enterobacter is a gram negative bacteria, as is (IIRC) Acetobacter.

The Horse
10/26/10 10:57 AM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Does anyone secondary/sour beers with Brett, Pedio, or Lacto in a corny? If so, how do you set it up so that it gets the little bit of oxygen that it needs to sour correctly?
10/26/10 04:13 PM  
Re: Temporary Password Protection
Strange...don't know why this post is here, but here I go....I frequently add brett to beers in secondary kegs. Just 2 weeks ago added a packet of Brett B. to a dark saison I brewed for long term aging. I typically do not worry about the micro-oxygenation necessary with Brett as I have had good results with this process. As far as lacto is concerned I have 15 gallons of berliner weisse aging which is definitely getting more sour as the mos progress. Once again, not worried about the oxygen ingress as the beers are developing nicely. As far as all of these blended together are concerned (ie like in a lambic, or flanders) I would think that glass or a better bottle would be best for aging as it does allow some micro-oxygenation to occur. I always just assume that my racking skills are allowing for some dissolved oxygen to occur along the way.
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