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02/03/08 01:18 PM  
Brewing with USED hops
I posted another thread recently on gravity of first runnings. Here is a related question:

If one were to do a big beer from first runnings and a smaller beer from the second runnings, could late hop additions from the first beer be kept in the kettle to use for the bittering addition on the second beer? If so, is there any way to calculate how much residual alpha acids there are left in the hops?

02/05/08 04:07 PM  
Re: Brewing with USED hops
Here's an idea:

If you know the % of the alpha acid utilized in the first beer, then the % utilized in the second beer would probably be the optimal amount (usually 28-33% of the total AA's) minus the amount you extracted in the first boil.

So for intance you put the hops in at 20 minutes and utilized 15% of the potential alpha acid, when you start the new boil you might get 30% - 15% = 15% of the potential alpha acids in your second brew. And a beer with a shitload of hops floating in it.

It's a guess but it would get you close.

02/05/08 05:59 PM  
Re: Brewing with USED hops
I actually started thinking about this when I bagged my hops for the first time this weekend. I had separate bags at 90 min, 10 min, and knockout. I'm also dryhopping. So it seems that given the shortage, it might be worth giving it a go. Hell, I always reuse yeast. So a knockout hop addition would have used almost no bittering potential and it seems like these could be dropped right into the next boil if you did back to back brew sessions. I'm thinking more along the lines of boiling with the dry hops...


02/06/08 05:52 PM  
Re: Brewing with USED hops
Though people haven't shown much interest in this thread I thought I'd mention that I was googling about and found this n another board... Seems others have thought of this already. Given the shortage of hops these days, I am thinking more and more about ways to economize.

"Just this month, a member brought "Three-step IPA" to a OBC meeting. The first one was made with a standard recipe. The second used all of the hops from the first batch for bittering and flavor, only adding new hops for aroma. Ditto the third. He said draining the wort for the last batch was a pain, the hop volume was over a gallon. Same grain bill, but each was distinctive.

This might be easier if the hops for each addition were bagged. Then you could toss the bittering hops each step."

02/06/08 06:55 PM  
Re: Brewing with USED hops
This would be interesting to use the flameout hops of one brew as the FWH of another.

<<Though people haven't shown much interest in this thread >>

Honestly, I've been off the hoppy beers for a while. So, while it's certainly an interesting idea, I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon. I'm just combating the hop shortage with Brett. :)

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