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02/04/08 07:29 PM  
Balthazar Recipe?
Mmm. . .so, one of the taste sensations of recent times for me has been the Alvinne 'Balthazar' . . . an incredibly drinkable strong dark ale with an intriguing mix of spices that complements but does not overwhelm the flavor in my book.

Next step, natch - brew one up! I look to this august body of brew-geekery to kick the tires on a proposed recipe. From the label and observation, one can get the following info: 9% ABV, a dark reddish-brown strong ale made spicy with the addition of coriander, cardamom and ginger. Brewed with Pilsner and 4 special malts, and dark candi sugar, it is hopped with Hallertau and East Kent Goldings to 28 IBU. The spiciness is accentuated by the use of the commercial version of the Rochefort yeast strain. So, how 'bout this for 6 gallons:

OG 1.092 | FG 1.023 | 9.0% ABV

Belgian Pilsner 17.0 lbs

Belgian Aromatic 1.5 lbs

Belgian Biscuit 1.0 lb

Belgian Special B 1.0 lb

Belgian Chocolate Malt 1.0 lb

Dark Candi Syrup 1.0 lb

Assume 65% efficiency

Mash for 60 min. at 152

60 minute boil

EKG 1.0 oz 7.5% AA at 60 min

Hallertau 0.75 oz 5.0% AA at 45 min

1/2 tsp ginger at 5 min

1/2 tsp coriander at 5 min

1/2 tsp cardamom at 5 min

Wyeast 1762 or bottle culture from Rochefort

My initial thoughts are that this is probably too dark and that the Chocolate Malt should likely be replaced with something else. Vienna or Munich? The beer pours with a strong head, but it quickly disappears, so foam-enhancers like wheat malt are likely not the answer?

02/05/08 12:30 PM  
Hop correction
Whoops, I went back and checked the label and it actually says Challenger and EKG, not Hallertau. So there's correction #1. Also I think I'll recalc and do the 2nd hop addition at a more conventional 30 minutes.
04/13/08 11:16 AM  
Re: Balthazar Recipe?
Hey folks - since the Balthazar is now being imported to the US, maybe there is some more familiarity I am hoping - plus which there's such a spirited discussion about the Struise Pannepot that maybe some will spill over here.

I had one of these the other day at Brooklyn's Beer Table and the spiciness, though well blended/melded, seemed more prominent in this batch. I was also reminded that, for such a dark strong beer, the body is surprisingly fairly light, I think.

04/13/08 11:41 AM  
Re: Balthazar Recipe?
Hey Erik

My initial thought is that the mash temp seems high (I would shoot for something closer to 147 and maybe do a step up to 152), and that the percentage of sugar could go way up. I've never had this beer, but if the body truly is "surprisingly light" I'd think you would want to push the FG down quite a bit below 1023.

Just my $0.02


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