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02/14/08 11:38 AM  
Split Yeast Experiment
We (wife and I) brewed 5G of a blonde/tripely thing at 1.071, entirely from Castle Pale Malt. 35 IBU, plus 3/4 ounce of Sterlings for aroma. What some people might find interesting is that the batch was split into two carboys, each pitched with a continuously stirred 1.5L stater (with loose foil cap) made from a Wyeast XL pack. Starters were decanted before pitching. The wort itself was not aerated.

The yeasts were WY3463 Forbidden Fruit, and WY3787 Trappist High Grav. Didn't treat both yeasts the same, instead treated each yeast the way we figured was best for it. The 3787 was held at 68 until fermentation slowed, then allowed to rise to room temp (72ish). The 3463 was pitched at 70 and left to its own devices (rose to 77 at the peak of fermentation).

Ferment: FG 1.013 for both. The 3787 dropped MUCH clearer and faster than the 3463, and was very clear with zero activity after about a week. Both were bottle conditioned after 2 weeks in the primary and then, after 2 weeks for room temp carbonation, cold lagered in the bottle for a while. A kind of unusual system but one I think makes sense if you don't have equipment for bulk lagering.

Taste: After a month both versions are quite clear. 3787 has a round and complex taste with many different flavors but not dominated by any of them. You can pick out orange and honey, plus general fruit and spiciness. We're very happy with it cause the orange honey character (like Malheur 10 or Goliath Tripel) is just what we were after. Next time we probably wouldn't try to change anything about the yeast or fermentation.

3463 has a much spicier and also fruitier aroma, and a hugely spicy taste (not entirely clove but clove is prominent). Banana is also individually noticable, with other general fruit. The same orange character is there but a bit hidden by the other stuff. It's less bitter in the finish, maybe because all that yeast, staying in suspension for so long, absorbed more bittering acids.

If we were to use 3463 again in this beer (which we won't cause the 3787 already makes the beer we wanted) we'd definitely drop the malt content (less spice precursors), and increase the pitching rate in an attempt to keep the banana from being individually noticable. Maybe decrease the temp a little too, to decrease the same things. But, that might just be our taste; some people have preferred this version to the 3787.

So, there's some yeast profiles from a somewhat fair comparison. I think the orange is actually from the malt, by the way.

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