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02/22/08 05:14 PM  
Odd blends, like Cable Car?
Lost Abbey's Cable Car got me thinking about really different beers/blends that can be soured. It doesn't have to be a blend, but I'm looking for ideas outside of what might be called the 'normal' styles.

I've got pLambic, (2)F.Reds, Oerbier Reserva 'clone', Soured Saison, Berliner, Stille Nacht Reseve 'clone', Cuvee de Tomme 'clone' all fermenting now.

I'm not looking for all Brett of fruit beers either, those have/will be done. I'm not bored brewing 'normal' sour beers, but Cable Car makes me want to try something different.

02/22/08 06:43 PM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
~48% barrel aged flemish red (barrel aged 10 months with Roselaire)

~48% saison from the farmhouse strain by WY

~4% belgian strong dark similar to Stone Epic 06-06-06

Barrel was a firestonewalker retiree.

"Quaisson" is my term for it. Real nice tasting. All were blended at the keg level via CO2 push from their individual kegs and then left at room temp to allow any barrel bugs to eat up residual sugars. Excess carb was vented after 3-4 months.

very nice. complex. the strong dark really notched it up.


02/22/08 07:57 PM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
Wow, that's exactly the kind of beer/recipe I was looking for. An interesting blend that creates some new or newish ;) Anybody else got an ace up their sleve?
02/23/08 07:24 AM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
This goes back to something I asked just a week or so ago. How do you decided HOW to blend. As in proportions etc...

are there some ways to think constructively about this?

02/23/08 10:29 AM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
The biggest factor is flavors, and then next I gotta think you have to take residual sugars into consideration. I think it also depends on whether you're blending for bottling or blending during conditioning. Blending before bottling would be much more tricky I think, if using bugs...
02/25/08 11:51 AM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
Tommee has a bunch of weird blends that he is releasing as “Veritas”:

001- The blend is this: 1/5 Old Viscosity, 2/5 Cuvée De Tomme (a sour Belgian), and 2/5 Redstone Meadery, "Redstone Black Raspberry Nectar", a sweet / tart mead.

002 - A blend of Barrel aged and bugged Avant Garde, Old Viscosity and Red Stone Black Raspberry Mead.

003 - A blend of Angel's Share, Amazing Grace, and Cuvee de Tomme

I think the key is probably just blending and tasting to see how individual batches go together. I have a couple batches that should be ready by the end of the summer, I’ll bottle most of them straight, but I am planning on having a few people over to help me taste and blend the rest into a few different beers.

Not sour beers, but I have been playing with blending recently. On Saturday I got some decent scores (~32) with a blend on fresh brown porter and my aged sweet/potent “Scandinavian imperial porter” as a Baltic Porter. One judge noted that I should add some more grains to boost complexity (between the two recipes there were 18+ malts, 2 yeast, honey, licorice, and bourbon soaked oak… can’t blame me for not trying). Last month, I also had good results with a blend of Wee Heavy and Brett C infected Old ale entered as an Old Ale, the sweetness of the wee heavy really cut the dryness/ and funk of the old ale to reasonable levels.

02/25/08 12:17 PM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
<<003 - A blend of Angel's Share, Amazing Grace, and Cuvee de Tomme>>

I had some of this at a recent barrel aged beer tasting at a local pub (O'Breins). Honestly, I didn't much care for it. Seemed like an odd clash of flavors.

<<Last month, I also had good results with a blend of Wee Heavy and Brett C infected Old ale entered as an Old Ale, the sweetness of the wee heavy really cut the dryness/ and funk of the old ale to reasonable levels.>>

Now that sounds delicious. I've been thinking about a funky Old Ale myself.

I will probably be trying some blends in the near future myself. Especially as I get into more funky beers. I'll definitely report on anything that comes out good. : )

02/25/08 01:29 PM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
Not the oddest of blends but I think I'm going to blend my "bon chien" clone with another bretted strong belgian brewed with rose hips. Half and Half. I'm going to taste a mix in a glass and if it's good I'm just going to do it. What the hell.

On another note, last night I was drinking a spiced bier de garde/saison type beer and had given my dad an imperial ipa (lemon citrusy, piney, less grapefruity, lots of simcoe,amarillo type flavors). I poured the last 3 oz's or so of the iipa into the bier de garde (which was brewed with american hops but you can't tell). And the result was quite wonderful, unlike anything i've had before. I was always sort of skeptical of simcoe type flavor in saisons or especially a bier de garde, but together with the spices and french saison yeast it was a really great and unique combo. I want to brew up something on a large scale to blend, or perhaps try to recreate with a single recipe. It was definitly an odd but quite tastey blend.

02/25/08 04:39 PM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
BP, I think that's an admirable and effective method. It's the sort of thing that can also serve as good shorthand research for new styles / exploration. Good for the "Hmmm, what if . . ." factor and frankly also for the reclaiming of otherwise sub-par commercial beers. I had an over-the-top bitter (for me) IIPA a little while back that was vastly improved by (of all things) an addition of Dubbel from a friend's glass.

Really, it goes back at least as far as the notion of on-site blends such as the alleged "three threads" origin of porter. About a year ago I myself had made an Orval clone that crossed the uber-bretty line, but tasted quite nice when mixed with a dark spiced ale a la Mc Chouffe. Based on this we brewed and blended a batch to make an 'entire' version this year that, while not spot on, captured the spirit of it.

06/20/08 04:07 PM  
Re: Odd blends, like Cable Car?
I'm lucky enough to have easy access to the Toronado in SF.

Last night they had several blend ratios there from Drakes Brewing across the bay.

50% sour dubbel (2 yr old) from american oak merlot barrels and 50% steel aged trippel without brett.

75% sourdubbel and 25% trippel.

The blends could have been made up to 2 months ago since the parent trippel was brewed in March this year.

Very different tasting. The 75% was much more winey/grapey while the other was more chocolate and complex with a bigger mouthfeel. The sour was basement-like and not citrusy.

They had the unblended sour but it ran out the night before.

cheers petec

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