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02/28/08 10:45 AM  
Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Hi, I was thinking of making a 10 gallon batch of Berlinner Weisse with the new wyeast mix. After that, I sort of have this idea of making an American sour beer with the same strain, somewhere around 1.050-1.060 O.G. I don't want it to be too incredibly sour though. If I repitch the Wyeast dregs straight-up, would I get too sour of a beer? Alternatively I could primary this beer with some Cali yeast and pitch the bugs in the secondary.


02/28/08 12:31 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
I think it's too soon to tell what the level of sourness will be from re-pitching just yet. My first beer wasn't sour at all, so I'm hoping that my double berliner will have much more acidity, but I'm skeptical...it'll be ready to rack to secondary as soon as I can free up a carboy so I'll let you know how it tastes, but even still I think it will be too young to really tell.
02/28/08 12:34 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
If it's not, I'm gonna add some super-powered dregs from my fantome dreg beer so that when it gets warm the super-lacto will take hold. It seems as long as you keep it really warm that strain survives in higher than normal amounts of alcohol
02/28/08 02:25 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
OK, thanks, sounds like it will be experimentation for all of us for ow! Let me know how it goes though.
03/22/08 09:27 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
So has anyone repitched this now and tasted the results?

I shook my pack well, then used a syringe to extract 4 10ml samples stored under sterile water. The remaining 40-50ml or so of yeast blend was pitched into a 1L starter on a stirplate for a couple days, then left in for a week before chilling and decanting into 23L of 1.030 weisse.

The resulting beer actually tastes surprisingly tart in primary. There is a definite lactic sourness there, quite refreshing actually. It could be due to the use of acidulated malt (3%) but I doubt such a small percentage would have added a clearly visible tartness.

Tomorrow I'm going to rack the beer off and use the yeast cake for this recipe:

OG: 1.045

Boil: 10 mins

79% Australian Wheat Malt

5% Caramel Wheat Malt

3% Chocolate Wheat Malt

13% Dark Belgian Candi Syrup

1g/l German Northern Brewer mash hops

Will report back in a few months as to how it turns out.

03/22/08 10:59 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Can anyone help out Al with dregs? Certainly it will serve the greater good.
03/22/08 11:24 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
I can, maybe I can mail a small ball jar or something....

I have a yeast cake that's been sitting under my impy berliner. It's been several weeks but I don't think that would effect the brett....

Anthony - I've repitched but not tasted yet...i'll be doing some homebrew stuff tomorrow and I'll try get a sample.

03/22/08 01:49 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Ben, were not that far away from each other. I'm looking at maybe getting down Philly way next weekend to see if I can get beers from Ted. Hell, maybe Al is free too.
03/22/08 02:14 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Ok, cool... shoot me an email when you guys decide exactly when/where you'll be meeting up.
Seanywonton (Sean White)
03/25/08 09:02 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
I'm planning on a slightly bigger (1.055) brew, repitching after the berlinner has been fermenting for 7 days. I'm hoping to coax a nice balanced sourness out of it, I'll let ya know how it goes.

We can work Al B in on the swap somehow right? I will most likely bottle condition some, so he should be able to get a clean, pure sample.

03/28/08 08:38 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
I racked my imperial berliner today...wasn't expecting too much sourness with the extra alchohol, but it smelled like it was definitly building up acidity, and I tasted the yeast which was bretty and slightly tart. Didn't get a chance to taste the beer itself as I was also harvesting yeast. Doesn't seem overwhelmingly tart at all, yet, so it seems it's worth repitching at least once.
Al B
03/29/08 07:25 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Ben and all -

Thanks again for the slurry handoff (nice surprise, I just opened this thread). I think I'll brew something with it after I isolate and culture the mystery brett.

Al Berliner

03/30/08 10:01 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
I just repitched mine, along with the wit strain onto a bigger beer - on the light, low-side of the quad category. I have another pack, so I thought I'd try something different this time.
03/30/08 10:46 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Al, it was cool to finally meet you and Steve in person... I'm just glad I was actually able to give some sort of repayment for the chips. And, I must say, this Fantome brett. saison is fantastic, thank you. I'm going to wait to open the Red until our red swap night.

Can't wait to taste what you get out of that berliner blend!


Seanywonton (Sean White)
04/08/08 09:02 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Well, I went for it last Sunday and brewed up my "Deliverance Kentucky Sour". I pitched the dregs from my Berliner Weisse, which was underwhelmingly unsour at the 1 week point. I have been reading some other people's posts about using this strain, and it's good to hear that it starts to get a good twang after a couple of months, because nothing doing right now.

Here's the full recipe if you want to check out the brew:


04/08/08 11:52 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Sorry for the slight hijack, but I have a question about this strain. (Wyeast 3191) Has anybody who used this blend experienced any excessivly long lag times? I brewed up 15 gallons of no-boil berliner on sunday and pitched a pack of this into 5 gallons worth sunday night (no starter). As of this morning, there was still no activity. The other 10 gallons are chugging along nicely with a cal ale/lacto blend.

I was hoping to repitch this blend but it's not doing much as of now. The temp is a little on the cooler side (~64), so I'll try and bump it up a little. Other than that, any advice? Is this blend just a slow starter, or did I get a less than healthy pack?


Seanywonton (Sean White)
04/08/08 01:41 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
It seems to take a little longer than your average yeast. it should take off in the next 12 hours. I did a 10 gallon batch, 1 yeast pack with a .5 gallon starter. It took maybe 18 hours to really krausen.
04/08/08 02:22 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Good to know. I expected it to be a little slower than usual. The smack pack didn't inflate very much, although it did a little. I just called my GF and had her put the heating pad on it, so hopefully that will help. :)

For the repitch I'm thinking I'll try a nice saison. But I've got a couple other brews to try first.

Mike T
04/08/08 03:03 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Mine started up within 12 hours, but I used a pack in 3 gallons.

As for reitching, I think the base strain is too mellow to do a saison, my beer is pretty clean.

04/08/08 03:56 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
Hmmm, true, true. Maybe secondary a saison with this. However, I wonder how this will perform at saison temps. I could easily cook it up into the 80's
04/08/08 09:04 PM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
I don't know about that....you might get some off flavors from that german ale yeast, i'm sure that's a large percentage of the blend...
04/09/08 11:02 AM  
Re: Repitching a Berlinner Weisse Strain
true. well, I guess there goes that idea. hopefully by the time I am ready to repitch this other people will be chiming in with their results. and I can use that information as a baseline for whatever crazy idea I come up with.

well, on the plus side. I did notice this morning that I am finally showing some activty in this thing. this has to be close to my longest lag ever. over 48 hours. well, guess I'll see if everything turned out ok. I'm sure it's probably fine

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