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03/02/08 08:35 AM  
First All Brett questions
1st off, Ill apologize for posting a thread that has been brought up 1000 times :)

I tried using the search to answer most of my questions so I dont bug anyone with things that have been asked so often, but couldnt fine everything I needed.

At any rate, Ive done a bunch of brett secondary/aging beers, but a few weeks ago, I brewed a 5g batch of a simple brew to play with all brett (~70% pils, ~15% wheat, ~7.5% each Munich/Vienna) OG 1.050

Pitched a nice starter of WL Brett Lamb.

She is now down to ~1.008. Aroma is tart, farmy. Flavor is like a rice cake almost in that there is none. It is dry and slightly leathery mouse taint, but for the most part, nothing. Granted, this is still in primary and quite young, so just wasnt sure what I should be expecting (and from reading here, expect the unexpected with all bretts)

I was planning on splitting this up and keeping 1/2 straight (maybe for blending beers later?) and 1/2 on cherries for a while.

Was just wondering if everything seems to be looking ok so far based on what Ive jotted down?

Or any suggestions on all bretts in general?

(Like I said, I tried searching, but could only find a few threads from the all brett experiment. wish I could read them all!)

Thanks guys!

03/02/08 11:47 AM  
Re: First All Brett questions
Sounds about right for brett lambicus. If you want to play with brett and end up with a beer that tastes like a beer with just a little more unique flavor profile then play with brett clausenii first. Use it as the primary fermenter.
03/02/08 12:05 PM  
Re: First All Brett questions

My experience with 100% lambicus was nothing like this. I found it to be pretty distinctive actually. That said, it was my first all Brett. beer. Steve tried it, maybe he can chime in, but if anything, I'm taking measures this second time around to try to tone down the character of the Brett a bit (less 02, cool temps).


Al B
03/02/08 10:00 PM  
Re: First All Brett questions
The WL lambicus is actually a different strain than WY lambicus. The WL strain is more farmy than the WY. Character development may depend on several variables - to be determined! But this sounds like its on track.
03/03/08 08:59 AM  
Re: First All Brett questions

Like I said, I'm planning on splitting it up a bit and keeping some straight and throwing the rest on cherries.

What has been the usual-ish aging for 100% bretts? (probably a bad question since Im sure it can be glugged down quickly or let to age forever)

03/03/08 09:13 AM  
Re: First All Brett questions
Mine spent 5 weeks in primary and was carbed and drinkable after about ten days in the bottle. Its been a few months and I haven't seen tremendous evolution yet.

Al B
03/03/08 09:20 AM  
Re: First All Brett questions
So far for me there has been a gradual increase in acidity and depending on strain, more character. The three brews I have done:

1. Clausenii - intense pineapple fruit and moderate sharp acidity initially, smoothing out after several months.

2. WY lambicus - alittle fruity with a subtle cherry-stone flavor, slight funk but not much, acidity was slight initially becoming moderate but nice. So far my favorite.

3. Combination of 5 bretts (WL lambicus + Brux, WY lamb, clausenii, and a Fantome brett) - Same as WY lambicus, but more farmy. Gueuze-like.

Lambicus porter is underway right now - its very fruity after 2 weeks, not tart at least not now.

The aging parameter I chose was hitting a FG under 1.010 where it was safe for bottling. Aging on wood would be nice for a longer period, tasting will determine when its ready.

Al Brettanomyces

03/03/08 12:12 PM  
Re: First All Brett questions
<<Flavor is like a rice cake almost in that there is none.>>

That's funny, my first 100% brett beer was similar. It was roughly 90% pale, 7% vienna, 3% acidulated malt. Lightly hopped with EKG and fermented with WL Claussenii. The aroma is very nice, spicy, slightly floral. Somewhat saison-y in aroma, but much milder.

But the flavor, like you described, was almost non-existent. It was very odd. I was expecting (hoping for) pineapple, but didn't get it. It spend about 4-5 weeks in primary, I hit it with 30 secs of 02 and started it cool, but then cooked the temp up to the high 70's for a couple days. Last I checked the SG was something like ~1.009 (going from memory). I decided I would rack it to secondary and let it age for a while before bottling. That was probably a month ago, so maybe I should bottle it up.

Also, I used the yeast from that to brew up my Claussenii Quaker (Oatmeal stout) that is coming along very nice. Still needed to attenuate more last I checked it, but it was much better than the first. Suprisingly clean and toasty, with a subtle, almost tropical fruitiness in the background. Almost like a peach or mango flavor. I have very high hopes for this beer.

I've got some Brux and Lambicus to play with too. : )

03/03/08 12:36 PM  
Re: First All Brett questions
Oh yeah, guess I should add that I fermented this about 68-70

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