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03/02/08 06:28 PM  
Pellicle...here today gone tomorrow
I have five gallons of Flander Red that have been on Vinnie's woodchips for about 5.5 months now. The pellicle that formed after about 3 months is now about 1/3 the size that it once was and there is positive pressure on the airlock again.

Do pellicles come and go? I'm assuming something in there is taking over the fermention...a Brett or something? But I was under the impression that when the pellicle disappears you're ready to bottle and that can't be right....its only been 6 months.

what gives?

Al B
03/03/08 09:33 AM  
Re: Pellicle...here today gone tomorrow
First ask yourself "what is pellicle?"

Mostly bretts (and other oxidative microorganisms).

If oxygen is restricted at the surface or if the pellicle becomes so thick that cells at the bottom of the pellicle do not interact with available O2, the cells may flocculate (a CLOSED starter for instance will have more cells on the bottom of the container than on top). This is evident in your brew now that CO2 is kicking up again. WHy is it kicking up? God knows, mixed fermentations are so complex. You can have cells dying off releasing nutrients and other populations feeding off of that.

<<But I was under the impression that when the pellicle disappears you're ready to bottle >>

I don't know about that - my pellicles are appearing when I want to bottle!

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