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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Brian Richards
03/18/08 07:44 PM  
All Brett C Partigyle beer
I brewed up a Belgian Dark Strong Ale this weekend and ran a partigyle off of that that I pitched a slurry of Brett C. into. The Partigyle's OG after a 1/2lb of cane sugar and my boil was 1.047. I was amazed at how fast it took off. I had no idea that the Brett C would take that fast being it is kind of slow while growing it up in the starter. I only chilled the partigyle down to about 75 before pitching where as I chilled the Strong Dark down to 67 so I'm sure the warm temp helped to get it off and running.
Mike T
03/24/08 09:51 AM  
Re: All Brett C Partigyle beer
Watch out pitching Brett hot, I had some bad experiences last summer when my tap water was 80 and I tried pitching some Brett A just above that. Iíve had the best luck with Brett C pitching in the 60s and ramping up into the higher temp range.
Brian Richards
03/26/08 01:40 AM  
Re: All Brett C Partigyle beer
Once I pitched my Brett C the temp probably dropped a few more degrees before the fermentation really got going because I stuck it in the cool little sweet spot in my kitchen that is great for keeping beers in the 68-70F range. (Does anyone keep thermometers all over their house?) I have them clipped all over the place. I'm guessing when things were really starting to get going my wort was in the low 70s. It is still cranking about 10 days later so I don't think the yeast chomped through it all over a few days. I'll keep you posted. What sort of bad results did you get from your Anomolus with to warm of temp?
Mike T
03/26/08 09:37 AM  
Re: All Brett C Partigyle beer
Fusel alcohols for the most part I think, sort of a rubbery harshness that makes it pretty undrinkable. Iíve been hoping that with some age the Brett would esterify the alcohols, but that doesnít seem to be happening.

Iím sure you'll probably do fine, sounds like your temps are much more controlled than mine were.

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