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03/20/08 10:30 AM  
Komboucha yeast
Al- I'm looking at you here for this question (I know you have a little experience with it), but anyone with experience with this yeast feel free to chime in....

How exactly does Komboucha yeast work? Is it more like brett or lacto/pedio bacteria? Is it invasive like wild yeasts/bacterias? If used alone, what does it produce (what acids, alcohol, etc..)?



Al B
03/20/08 10:49 AM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
Mike T has done some stuff too, I believe.......

Kombucha is a mish-mash of yeasts+bacteria, where I had isolated an oxidative yeast from a bottle of tea. It is more like Brett (some Bretts are said to be in several Kombucha cultures), but I don't think it ferments as much and it probably creates some acid.

The bacteria that may be associated in Kombucha are lacto and Xanthomonas, Acetobacter, so without isolating a brew may become vinagary. Again, I think Mike tried this once.

03/20/08 11:16 AM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
Thanks Al, we're thinking of experimenting with it in the brewery so I want to be sure what to expect.

Mike - if you read this, what was your experience with Komboucha like?

03/20/08 02:02 PM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson, WA brews a kombucha sour brown called "Blootvoetse Bruin" (this, by the way, being THE must-visit brewery in the NW Oregon/SW Washington area, if you are interested in beers that are simultaneously innovative and delicious).

I had it nearly two years ago for the first time at the 2006 Portland International Beer Fest, and it was a favorite of everyone who came with me: pleasantly sour, with understated acetic notes (god, I sound like a beer advocate there, sorry). It definitely tastes of brettanomyces as well.

It won a gold at the 2006 WBC, if I remember right; and they still brew it -- it turns up, on draft, at cafes in Portland. Should be an easy Google search away for more info.

03/20/08 11:39 PM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
Huh, cool....I wonder if they blend or do it strait? I'll look the beer up...thanks for the tip! I visit the pacific NW every once in awhile so I'll have to look them up the next time round
Mike T
03/27/08 03:59 PM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
Not sure how I missed this oneÖ

I played with a culture that I harvested from a bottle I got out in Denver. Iím generally not a huge fan of the stuff, but Tea Chi out in Colorado makes a delicious very Bretty version. I was never able to control the acid to a satisfactory level with mine though, just way too much acetic acid for my taste (possibly due to my traditional open fermentation). It seemed to have problems getting over 50% attenuation with malt extract, but Iím sure that would vary drastically depending on exactly what ends up in your culture.

Here are the blog posts where I mention it:


And if you want to hear some funny reactions to the Basic Brewing Radio guys drinking some made with malt extract and some cara/crystal check out: media.libsyn.com/media/basicbrewing/bbr09-20-07offbeatyeast.mp3

03/27/08 10:08 PM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
You used it alone, with no sacch, correct?
Mike T
03/28/08 09:05 AM  
Re: Komboucha yeast
Yep, I just used whatever was living in/on the blob. However, there always seemed to be a bit of yeast that would end up at the bottom of the plastic container. I would guess that the rapid production of acidity prevented full attenuation, although with such a low OG you might be able to get a fast ferment with a pure strain added with the kombucha.
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