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03/31/08 09:37 PM  
WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
So I had a 2nd generation slurry of the R. Blend, a tube of the WLP Sour Mix (that I got given to me), and 8 gallons of a lightly hopped brown ale sitting around the house...so I threw them all together to see where this will take me in a few years.

Anyway, my question is regarding the WLP 655 Belgian Sour Mix. After spending the past week or so searching for info/feedback on this strain (including this board) I realized that there isn't much out there on it...So, I thought I'd come to the authorities on bugs and see what people know about it. Basically, all I can find is that it is a mix of Brett, Sacch, Lacto and Pedio and some people have had mixed results with the strain. Does anyone know what specific strain(s) are in WLP 655?

Also (curriousity has me wondering) what's your best guess on how this Flander's/(p)Lambic mix of bugs will turn out?

03/31/08 10:35 PM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
I used it once, the beer has been in secondary for almost a year. I got some nice sourness out of it. Takes time, plus letting it sit somewhere warm in the summer helped a bunch too. I'm very happy with the beer, it's a bit of an experiment (started at 1.13 OG, just to begin...).

The two different blends are each companies' answer to the Rodenbach yeasts/bugs, so, I think they're most likely the same thing anyway. A neutral sacch. (probably cali. ale or something like that), probably brett lambicus, pedio and lacto. Al B might be able to confirm, not sure if he knows anything about the WL blend.

Good luck!

Al B
03/31/08 10:57 PM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
The WL Sour blend has two bretts - lambicus + bruxellensis but without a doubt, they are different strains than the WY versions. I haven't used them singly yet, only in a mix. According to Wild Brews, the lactobacillus may be L. brevis, but recently I saw a WL vial labeled as delbrueckii. Pedio is either damnosus or cerevisae, basically the same in terms of lactic fermentation. I have only used the mix in a lambic (1 yr old right now), so I don't have an opinion on it.
04/01/08 10:04 AM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
The one beer I've tasted that was made with WLP sour mix (but not by me) was an 8%ish old ale that was secondaried in a 55G cask with this blend. It was way medicinal/smoky--heavy on the brett phenolics that I find not so less desirable. Just one data point.
04/01/08 11:47 AM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
Thanks all for the feedback re: the mix so far. Al B, thanks for the break down on the bugs...that's exactly what I was looking for. I'll have to track down my copy of Wild Brews to re-read that section (Have to remember who I loaned it to 1st). Baums, I know you didn't brew it, but do you know how long and at what temp they had that 8% beer in secondary? Although I've never used the WLP brux. strain, I think it can produce the flavor that you speak of Braums...anyway, not much I can do at this point excpect sit back and wait for a couple years. Thanks for the responses.
04/01/08 04:16 PM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
Aged ~8 months at "ambient" temp that would have been all over the map (best guess is 55-80F).
04/01/08 10:26 PM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
Mine also contains bugs from commercial beers, so it's not just the blend....it's at 10.5, maybe 11 by percent ABV and still bubbling away...
04/01/08 10:41 PM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
Bpotts...that's one huge beer...that's all I have to say about that.

Mine is a wimpy beer (compared to ya'll) it was at about 4.5-5%ABV last I checked...so I imagine the blend and mix combo will be a completly different creature in the range I'm working with. I have it at a steady 70F in a 10g keg with an airlock. Decided not to go with a micro-o2 set-up on this one out of simplicity. I'm thinking about transfering 1/3-1/2 to fruit at some point later down the line...but that's so far away who knows what will happen.

04/02/08 10:24 AM  
Re: WLP Sour Mix and 2nd gen R Blend
Yeah, I can't believe it's been almost a year since I brewed it! Feels like just yesterday I was being lectured and helped by Baums on my poor yeast pitching practices and how to improve them (more back story required for that)..... it was inspired by Cuvee de Tomme, Abbaye de St. Bon Chien, and Oerbier reserva - all high gravity beers containing brett.

I haven't bothered with any micro 02 set up either yet. Though, I decided last week to try my second red in plastic for the first couple of months. I think it'll be neat to have a contaminated bucket. Hopefully, once infected, I can introduce bugs to beers simply by fermenting it in this bucket, like lambic being racked into buggy barrels. Not sure if the bugs will build enough of a habitat but that would be neat to be able to do reds/bugs beers without adding any culture myself.

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