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Mike T
04/22/08 11:04 AM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
Iím not a big fan of the stouts from De Dolle, or Jolly Pumpkin, or the base beer (minus the cherries and oak) for my Cuvee Tomme clone which had some dark malts. So in reality it may be funk and dark malts that I donít like as I did like Hercule and Allagash Black. I did add Brett to an Imperial Stout in secondary with good results. I havenít had the opportunity to try Black Albert, but from reviews it does not sound like it has a strong yeast character.
04/22/08 11:31 AM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
One thing about T-58 is that it's not very attenuative, relative even to other Fermentis yeasts. This is shown in some papers that Fermentis has on their website, and I've seen it firsthand in a split batch (although the other yeast WAS Dupont). Just something to keep in mind when formulating the recipe, mash temps, etc.
04/22/08 11:37 AM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
The Stone Vertical 06-06-06 also has large amounts of roasted grains in it. maybe 5% or so plus some chocolate wheat I seem to remember. Its a dark beer for sure.


Frank Reitz
04/22/08 02:42 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
Brewsader, I think you're right about the special B - both in regards to it's difference to CaraAroma and that struise uses that caramel malt as the only caramel malt.

They do use 4% syrup and 4% rocks for pannepot. I had a glance at the Archaic Beer recipe where they use 1,32% black malt (550 SRM) 0,25 pounds for 6 gallons so I take it that my amounts are "safe".

I put my mash temps high because I aim for a high FG.

When I get access to my brew software I'll adjust the recipe a bit and maybe brew up a small test-batch soon.


06/03/08 12:56 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
well I brewed Paxton's archaic recipe with Panepot dregs about 6 weeks ago. I've been out of the country but today I racked it into a keg.

two huge disappointments:

1. The FG only got down to the high 1.030's

2. The beer is DISTINCTLY sour like it got infected somehow. But the sourness isn't terribly unpleasant. Its more like some acidity from a wild beer. Is there something in Panepot that would have contributed this?

At any rate, it may be a dumper.

06/03/08 01:25 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
Ryan, in the interview Carlo and Urbain did with the BN; they stated that they do all of the fermentation open, and that all of their beers will have some wild character to them, given enough time. I would guess that there was something in the dregs of the Pannepot bottle(s).

I've only had Pannepot twice, and neither time did the beer have any real wild character to it, but I doubt either bottle was very old. If I can, I'll try and get a bottle to sit on for a while.

06/03/08 02:37 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients

The kicker is that, as my friend mtc pointed out, the FG was way too high to have expected such souring. Moreover, the beer is less than two months out of the mash tun. So whatever did the souring didn't need time. I agree that Panepot isn't "sour". At least it hasn't been in my experience.

Is this just a random infection that will spoil the beer?

06/03/08 02:39 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
Both good points; I guess it depends on when/how much any sort of wild bugs got in there, if at all.
Frank Reitz
06/05/08 12:26 AM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
I have a good amount of 2006 PannepÝt with absolutely no sour taste to them at all.

My guess is your beer is infected.

11/29/08 11:50 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
Has anyone brewed any thing like this and enjoyed the results?
Frank Reitz
11/30/08 05:41 AM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
I have brewed it (with a slightly different sugarbill) and I have soaked my spices in whiskey and added them just before I pitched yeast (T-58).

It's now 4 months ago and it needs more ageing. The vanilla is overpowering right now. I hope with time it will be good and I guess it needs approx. 6-8 months of further ageing before it peaks.


11/30/08 07:30 PM  
Re: Pannepot ingredients
I happened to have a bottle of 2007 that I am going to try for the first time. Looking forward to it after reading this thread about the ingredients. Thanks for the posts.


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