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04/10/08 06:25 PM  
Blgn Strong
can someone here give me some insight into the wyeast belgian strong yeast 1388?

compared with 3787 or abbey ale II what sort of trippels and dubbels will this produce?

Frank Reitz
04/11/08 12:04 AM  
Re: Blgn Strong
The ester profile is very different. The 1388 gives a peachy flavour where the 3787 is more heavy on the phenols.

I guess you could use 1388 in a dark beer but I would use it in a lighter beer - like in a Duvel clone (1388 is the Duvel strain).

3787 and 1762 are both very good in dubbels and quads.


04/11/08 09:24 AM  
Re: Blgn Strong
The reason I ask is becuase I made a trippel last weekend (OG 1.08) and the gravity today is only down to 1.04 (fermenting at about 65 deg). I used 3787 but I fear it may not have been all that healthy given the current state of affairs. I'm wondering if I should pitch this 1388 or just give it more time. The airlock is still blurping about every 5 or 6 sec.

Nice fruity esters but really sweet.

Seanywonton (Sean White)
04/11/08 09:45 AM  
Re: Blgn Strong
It's only been a week. I'd give it more time and let it warm up to 70 or so. way too soon to start worrying. And did you make a starter? What makes you think that the yeast wasn't that healthy?

04/11/08 10:38 AM  
Re: Blgn Strong
Yeah I made a starter but here's the thing:

1. I smacked the smack pack but didn't wait for it to swell, I just dumped it into a 2L starter (1040) with o2 and yeast nutrients. After a couple of days it still hadn't done anything.

2. I left town

3. I came back four days later and the things had fermented out and left a nice little yeast cake, but I wasn't sure about its vigor during ferment, so I decanted the starter wort and pitched the yeast into another liter (1040) with 02 and put it on a stir plate over night. The next morning, the kreusen had pushed the foil cap off and their was yeast everywhere so I figured I was good.

I only pitched half of the yeast at first...things took about 8 hrs to get rolling and I didn't get blow off until day 2.5 and it was slight. I added the rest of the yeast two days ago just to be safe.

3. I don't have good temp control and I live in the friggin arctic (vermont) so heating it up is harder than it should be. I've been turning the heating element on my stir plate with the carboy on top when I'm home, but I don't dare risk burning the house down just for a nicer ester profile. You know?

04/11/08 11:04 AM  
Re: Blgn Strong
Mid 70s will get that going again. You could put the carboy in a box with a light bulb or you could just buy a FermWrap heater.


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