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04/11/08 01:48 PM  
Sour Keg
I was searching through y'all's archives, but I couldn't find any info on this (and it may not be that big of a deal, but I'd like to ask anyway).

Does anybody have a recommendation on what I should do with a keg after it's had a Brett beer in it? Am I fine if I just clean it out good once I run it dry? Should I worry about my draft lines getting infected?

04/11/08 02:22 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
I'm a little curious about this myself. However, stainless is non-porous. So a good cleaning and sanitizing should be all that needs. As for the seals and poppits, you may want to designate them as brett-only seals, like many of us do with our plastics. Or you could probably just boil or autoclave them for a few minutes.

The draft lines (and QDs) may be another issue. Those might need to be changed, or again, designated as brett-only. I have yet to run any brett through my kegerator, but it's going to happen eventually, and honestly, I'm not overly concerned. On the flip side, many local beer bars put brett beers on their regular taps and I know they're not changing lines to do so. So maybe just a good cleaning is in order.

Ok, I'll stop with my rambling speculations and let somebody with experience chime in.

04/11/08 02:34 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
I agree completely with tankdeer. I think kegs can be reused, draft lines should probably be "funk only".
Al B
04/11/08 02:35 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
The O-rings and poppit valves really should be taken off and sanitized. I wouldn't autoclave the poppets since the newer ones appear to be plastic of some sort, but I have quickly dipped them in boiling water for a sec. Vodka works too.

Inlet CO2 line should be fine, but lines downstream from the keg may be sanitized as a precaution even though a new keg will be under positive pressure and hopefully preventing suck back from the draft lines.

Al B
04/11/08 02:40 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
.......Or segregate the draft lines! probably easier.
04/11/08 03:56 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
<<.......Or segregate the draft lines! probably easier. >>

I agree that's probably the easiest; unless you have a tower (like I do). Because then it's a pain in the butt to change lines.

04/11/08 04:38 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
What I do may not be the norm, but I just clean and sanitize as normal (including all the o-rings and lines). I have a spray bottle with a x2 concentration of starsan and give all the o-rings and poppets a good spray. I do have one tap of my three tap tower that is dedicated to Belgians and Bretts only, so I don't worry about cross contamination. The way I see it is that if the Brett was to affect these beers (which it hasn't yet)it would just be a bonus brett seconday beer, but YMMV.
04/12/08 08:48 PM  
Re: Sour Keg
I now only bottle only my funk, but in the past, I have had funk kegs in my system and didn't think about the after effects. Nothing bad ever happened, but that may be 100% luck....so I wouldnt hold my experience as gospel :)

04/13/08 06:57 AM  
Re: Sour Keg

it is said that increased concentration of star san actually underperforms the recommended concentration. FWIW

04/15/08 07:59 AM  
Re: Sour Keg
I was leaning more towards DrunkenPanther's methodology. I mean aren't there bacteria and wild yeasts all around us in the air and dust. If our normal cleaning and sanitizing kills those then why wouldn't it kill brett, lacto or pedio? Especially inside a draft fridge where the cold temperatures should limit any bug related activity.

That being said I may change the draft line just for good measure.

04/15/08 08:19 AM  
Re: Sour Keg
I think ultimately if you drink your beer fast enough you'll never have a problem. Think about brett in secondary. If it takes about 3-6 months for the character to star coming though in those intentionally funky beers, chances are, your refrigerated kegs aren't in trouble. Call me a drunk, but I go through a typical keg in about two weeks.

04/15/08 11:34 AM  
Re: Sour Keg
<<Call me a drunk, but I go through a typical keg in about two weeks.>>

You drunk! ;)

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