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Seanywonton (Sean White)
04/11/08 06:45 PM  
crazy refermentation...what gives?
Hey, so I just simmered .75 oz. of oak chips in about 2 oz. of water and added it to my bretted belgian ale. I didn't cool down the liquid because it was only 2 oz., less than you even prime with. The carboy was full, up to the neck, but now it is going crazy only a few minutes later! There is bretty foam coming out of the airlock!

Did I just feed my brett or am I just seeing a lot of dissolved CO2 coming out? It's crazy looking and totally unexpected.


04/11/08 07:23 PM  
Re: crazy refermentation...what gives?
Maybe the little bit of 02 dissolved into the beer when droppin in the oak caused it to reactivate...I would also think the oak contains 02 like an oxygen stone. I've noticed that in brett beers I've dropped some oak in and that's what I chalked it up to, but I've never tested that empirically or anything.
seanywonton (Sean White)
04/11/08 08:08 PM  
Re: crazy refermentation...what gives?
OK it calmed down some. I'm pretty sure it was just dissolved CO2 coming out. Unfortunately the particle board shelving underneath it got a little innoculation of brett from the beer spilling onto it! What can you do...
04/11/08 10:15 PM  
Re: crazy refermentation...what gives?
A spontaneous fermentation...
04/12/08 10:29 AM  
Re: crazy refermentation...what gives?
I would say CO2 not O2. When you heated the water and oak to a simmer/boil you are driving off most of the dissolved gases/O2 in the water and in the pores of the oak. Heat the oak and trapped air expands and is driven out, not all but at least what is near surface that would be released to beer quickly.

What you are adding is tiny particles from the oak. Did the water change color? These particles then become collection points for dissolve gases/CO2 in the carboy and CO2 bubbles form and foam.

If O2 was released, I don't think the yeast would wake up in just a few minutes and cause quick fermentation.

04/12/08 10:35 AM  
Re: crazy refermentation...what gives?
Yeah, I guess not
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