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05/07/08 05:06 PM  
repitching WLP570

I have just bottled a 3gal Saison using wlp570. OG1.061, FG1.005, fermented at 66F ramped to 80F over 1 wk, second Wk @ 70F all done in primary. Yeast was very fresh, had a starter and a strong lasting ferment.

I would like to do a 1.080 tripel but not sure if the wlp570 yeast from the saison will be too stressed for a good repitch. If not 1.080 will 1.070 be okay

Any thoughts?


05/07/08 05:34 PM  
Re: repitching WLP570
It really depends on the OG of the first beer. 1.060 is about my cutoff for reusing yeast, so you're right there. I'd say chances are you'll probably be fine.

BTW, very interesting choice of yeast for both styles. How did the Saison come out with that yeast?

05/07/08 05:45 PM  
Re: repitching WLP570
You'll be fine since you have such a huge amount of yeast from the first beer and 61 isn't too stressful. I have repitched from large beers into another large beer without any problems. Just keep the temperature up high for the yeast or it will go to sleep on you. If that happens then just get it swirled back into solution by gently rotating on edge the fermenter a couple times a day while the temp comes back up.
05/07/08 07:41 PM  
Re: repitching WLP570
I would have no concerns reusing it.

IF I'm brewing a barleywine, my initial beer is in the 1.050 range.

I wouldn't reuse above about 1.070 due to stress though.


05/07/08 09:21 PM  
Re: repitching WLP570
I can't comment on the repitch but I am very curious how the Saison came out. Is it Saisony like a Dupont or does it taste like D. Tremens or a spiced Duvel?
05/08/08 05:55 PM  
Re: repitching WLP570
I was just reading BLAM this morning on the train ride in to work and read that Avery uses the yeast from their BSG (~1.070 OG) and repitches into their Quad (>1.090 OG).


05/09/08 12:25 PM  
Re: repitching WLP570

Thanks for all the feedback!

I got the idea of using the 570 for a saison from a white labs pdf "WHITE LABS BELGIAN YEAST DESCRIPTIONS"


OG 1.061, FG 1.005, fermented at 66F ramped to 80F over 1 wk, second Wk @ 70F all done in primary. The recipe had 10% cane sugar, Pils, CaraMunich, wheat, Vanguard hops, Mashed at 147F. Perhaps onne reason WPL suggests the 570 is it gives you great attenuation (for me high 80s to mid 90s). Also I put in the sugar the last five min of the boil. Pitched a 1.5qt starter and had activity in under 6 hrs - chewed up the simple sugar first - and gave a strong ferment for 5 days.

The flavor is a bit malty, fruity, estery (whiff of banana) no spice. The yeast is very prominent in the flavor profile. It has a somewhat dry finish with hop flavor minimal. This is only a week into bottle carb so the flavor profile will change. Do I suggest using it? I would like to try it at different fermentation ranges to see what profiles come out. Again it kicks butt for attenuation. My BSG had an FG 1.003


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