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05/15/08 11:28 AM  
watermelon funk
SAH mentioned some interest in a watermelon funk recipe. Here is one my buddy RJ brewed last summer before the 21A version even was released or talked about. He's now wishing he trademarked the name.

watermelon funk

10 Gallons final yield in fermentors

Amount Item

25 lbs Fruit - Watermelon (add at 15 minute boil)

43% (6 lbs) Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM)

43% (6 lb)Wheat Malt, Light (Hoepfner) (2.0 SRM)

7% (1 lb) Munich (DURST MALZ) (17.0 SRM)

7% (1 lb) Wheat, Flaked (1.6 SRM)

1.00 oz Fuggles [6.90 %] (60 min)

0.50 oz Fuggles [6.90 %] (15 min)

1.5 oz Hallertauer [4.50 %] (5 min)

0.5 oz Goldings, East Kent [4.00 %] (15 min)

mash temp 150F

I think he made a split batch and 1/2 was left unfunked and the other 1/2 was primaried with a mix of bugs that we had collected and raised from the usual commercial sours like Cantillon, RRBC, etc (funk was left to do its thing for about 6 months).

cheers and let us know how it goes.


05/15/08 12:28 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
Thanks Pete. I was interested in this too. Might have to try something like this.

So... How does this compare to the 21A version? I thoroughly enjoyed it when I was in SF last August.

05/15/08 01:36 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
Thanks Pete, I'm suprised he added it to the boil? It is a lot of watermelon, but I was planning on adding fresh pressed/squeezed watermelon juice to secondary in an attempt to preserve the 'delicate' flavor of the melon. Any thoughts anyone?
05/15/08 01:39 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
I thought it was odd too. Pectin city one would think. I known that Sully over at the 21A adds it to the secondary; which is where I would think to add it as well.
05/15/08 02:30 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
I'm not sure why he added it there. I understand that watermelon doesn't have much natural pectin also so that might not be a concern.

WMelon is a delicate fruit so the secondary route, especially if not using much, would be the way to go.


05/15/08 02:54 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
<< I understand that watermelon doesn't have much natural pectin also so that might not be a concern.>>

Ah, didn't know that.

05/16/08 06:59 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
Further info from RJ on his WMfunked....

I think the watermelon character when young was delicate yet detectable with funk it is still there but more along the lines of a wintermelon. The funk is a nice complement - light sour and dank with a nice musky melon note.

25 pounds was the measure of whole watermelons - rind an all. I ended up coring each one and pureeing them.

I added them to the boil to sanitize them - coring them took time and I was not wanting to add any "wild" bugs.

From looking at my notes I remember that I added some Irish moss to the boil as well.

The pectins added a nice haze nothing too much.

it was a split batch - the regular version was fermented with Scottish Ale yeast.

With all this watermelon the flavor was still fresh and delicate..... did not come out tasting "boiled"

Motivation for so much fresh watermelon - "Anything worth doing is worth over-doing :) " I was just going for the real thing without extract or flavoring.

Caveat: When adding so much watermelon - dont under-estimate the "Water" part of watermelon

cheers petec and RJ

Mike T
05/19/08 05:42 PM  
Re: watermelon funk
I was just listening to the Upstream Brewing episode of the Sunday Show and Shawn O'Sullivan from 21A mentioned that they add more Watermelon juice when they pitch the funk to give it some more fermentables.
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