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08/31/08 06:27 PM  
Re: Roselare Saison
My Saison has been in the bottle for a week - gonna wait another week before I crack one but I can hardly stand it! Got a "Belgian Sour IPA" going in Primary now, going mad.
08/31/08 06:55 PM  
Re: Roselare Saison
Yeah the wait can be tough, but rewarding....

What'r ya souring with?

08/31/08 07:17 PM  
Re: Roselare Saison
Made a culture with dregs of Fantome, Orval, and Supplication. The culture tasted great when I pitched it, not too acidic at all, and it was a couple weeks old. I'm not sure what's going to happen, it's basically a 85%/15% Pils/Wheat for 5 gallon batch with an absurd amount of hops thrown in. It's incredibly fragrant of hops out of the airlock, and the wort was pretty bitter when I tasted it @ OG measurement. I'm going away for three weeks in the middle of september, and I guess we'll see then if I should bottle it or let it sit. Very sour and bitter was what I was going for.
08/31/08 08:17 PM  
Re: Roselare Saison
What kind of hops?
08/31/08 09:02 PM  
Re: Roselare Saison
Mostly Amerucin pellets I picked up from a local brewery. Not aged, alpha acid bonanza! Horizon, centenniel, northern, and warrior. And some whole leaf cascades at flameout. Gonna dry hop with some whole leaf cascades too, when the fermentation chills out.
09/03/08 10:00 AM  
Re: Roselare Saison
Brewed and pitched this on Friday and last night (4 days later), this went from 1.062 to 1.012 - nutso!
09/16/08 01:11 AM  
Re: Roselare Saison
So I've popped and shared about 5 or 6 bottles of this Saison and the Jolly Pumpkin yeast smells are starting to come through -- there's a nice tartness taste wise and some round barnyard action on the nose -- nice!
09/16/08 10:10 AM  
Re: Roselare Saison
Cool...I'm gonna be cracking one of mine later on today to taste at work....
09/16/08 10:36 PM  
Re: Roselare Saison
mrb, good to hear the Calabaza Blanca dregs did something, my wit using them hasn't shown any funkiness yet after 5 or 6 weeks.

Bam Biere dregs have done well for me so far though. Half of my 3 week old saison was fermented with 100% Bam Biere dregs and now really smells like Bam Biere, but has nothing of it in the flavor yet. I've got a 5 or 6 week old saison where half was a Saison Dupont dreg starter with Bam Biere dregs randomly dumped in that's getting both the flavor and aroma. I can't wait to try them against their non-sour halves (French Saison and 100% Saison Dupont dregs respectively).

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