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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Al B
05/23/08 09:16 PM  
Avery 15 - All brett beer
Just a word here...... at the SAVOR, the brett farmhouse from Avery was dry and horsy-farm with a ever-so-slight tartness. Definitely bretty, it was made with Drie Fonteinen brett.

Al Bretta

Brian Richards
05/23/08 09:40 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
definitely sounds like one worth trying. I just picked up a bottle of the Maharaja Imperial Ipa--was very good.
05/24/08 10:34 AM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
Al...it's 100% brett? Sounds like my brett c & b + lacto saison.....is it their 15th anniversary or something?
Al B
05/24/08 03:32 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
15 anniversary - 100% BRETT. Will be out soon..

05/24/08 06:03 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
Cool.... I'll have to look out for it...finally a good american wild with distribution in PA (besides the random highly taxed gem)...
05/27/08 10:19 AM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
The Avery 15 is money.
05/27/08 01:25 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
Its been released in the BayArea. I had a bottle last week. They use some interesting stuff in it like figs and some flowers also I think.

Nice and bretty dry with a saison like farmhouse note.

all their anniversary beers in the last 5 yrs have been good and interesting. I didn't like the doppelweizenboch one from several yrs ago - too fruity.


05/28/08 04:28 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
If anyone sees this one online for sale, I'd appreciate a post here. There is little chance I'll see it on store shelves down here, so ordering may be my only option. Thanks guys. Also, if you see that it is for sale online somewhere, please don't buy 15 bottles so there are none left. ;)
05/28/08 05:02 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
I'd rather talk of a commercial beer migrate over across the street...
05/28/08 06:03 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
SAH--check out the other side of the street for info.


05/28/08 10:36 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
Thanks guys, I need to register over there so I can post, but saw the sight, I remeber seeing it before -crazy place, crazy cool place ;)
05/29/08 06:53 AM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
SAH, register quickly. I approve them all manually and I'm leaving work at 3 for a trip. So between later Thursday and mid Monday there can be no approvals. Steve
05/29/08 07:27 PM  
Re: Avery 15 - All brett beer
SAH, I'm not registered acoss the street either, but I'm heading to Boulder for my brother's wedding this weekend and if I'm able to get an extra bottle back home safely I'll let you know.
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